Friday, 28 April 2017

April Scavenger Hunt 2017

New tin of watercolour pencils I cannot wait to open

The rust on the wheelbarrow in the garden

A new needlework box I had for my birthday a couple of week ago

The ingredients to make fridge cake for to take when I visit my three eldest grandchildren tomorrow.  I will add coloured cherries, a few dried cranberries 

Something beginning with "D"
These are 'Mat Atlas Daisy (Anacyclus) 

This is sort of mechanical.  
I dug it out to repair a hole in my husband's jumper which was created by a moth.
If you don't know what it is, take a look here.  I was shown how to use it when I was a little girl, and loved playing and creating with it.  

Seasonal - a sweet little cards made by two special young friends for me

A another recently finished "granny knit", just needs buttons.  I am now knitting for autumn and winter. and next spring.  Then I don't knit much after that, only special jumpers and cardigans like fair-isl or aran.  

A rose begins with "R"
This is Silver Jubilee.  
Our friends gave it to us for our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary nearly eleven years ago and it still flowers well.

My choice.  
I couldn't resist taking this on Good Friday.  Something you don't often see.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Week Fifteen

Late again........  
I like to do my weekly posts on a Saturday, to start the weeks on a Sunday as 1st January was a Sunday.

Well anyway, my week started with me baking these Cherry Almond Cookies, the recipe can be found here

My Mothering Sunday flowers have come to their end now and were put in the garden recycling,

Although I still have my hyacinths.  Three bulbs and five flower stalks four of which are in water because they insisted on growing upside down 

On Good Friday we had a visit from a certain little person.  Her Easter Egg was a "granny knit" a castanet toy and two new £1 coins,  

It was fun getting those I have to say.  I wanted them for special Easter gifts for four special little people. I was in the post office, so I asked if they had any. Yes they said but we can only give them as change, so I said if I pay for my post with twenty pound note may I have eight in my change? Sorry no was the reply. I didn't like to ask if eight was too many or they just didn't have eight, so I paid for just my stamps and left. Went to the bank and asked if they had any new pound coins. I got ten no trouble whatsoever.

We had a stroll to the Steam Railway and along the prom.  Abigail was asleep by this time.

Easter Saturday was my birthday

I had lots of cards

and lots of lovely presents from friends and a meal out in the evening.

Hope everyone is having a good Easter.

Sunday, 16 April 2017


"Funny Little Bunnies"

Silly Symphony 1934

Monday, 10 April 2017

Week Fourteen

Sub-title ~ Tea, Flowers and Knitting.......again

Last Thursday we met our lovely friends Ken and Jenny and we had afternoon tea at the Lutterel Arms.  It was absolutely perfect.

Friday we went to visit my dad, who also had a visit from his newest great-grand-daughter Abigail.  So he had a lovely surprise day too as he didn't know they were visiting.

On Saturday we went to the Liz's West Country Fabric and Textile Weekend which was lovely.  Said 'hello' to lots of friends there.

I still have my Mothering Day flowers........... 

The Bouquets, have been sorted and cut down and I still have two vases of them

Not sure what was happening with the Lilies.  They didn't have a lot of watering yet the base leaves were going yellow fast, and some of the flowers were going brown.  So I cut the long stems, trimmed off the brown flowers and placed them in a vase

 The Hyacinths decided they wanted to flower upside down so the stalks were cut and also placed in a vase, and I see I have more flowers appearing in the three bulbs.

When we met up with some friends last September, Mavis gave me a piece of knitting she never finished.  I knitted a few extra rows to see if my knitted matched and continued knitted and finished this sweet little top.


Saturday, 1 April 2017

Week Thirteen

We are now thirteen weeks into the year.  I haven't written about things since week six.  I could bore you with tidying and giving loads of stuff away to charity shops, putting on freecycle, and as fast as I am getting rid, a friend knocked on my door and said would you like this, didn't have the heart to say I was having a "grand sort out".  I took the item graciously, and actually the items were really nice, they were beautiful bamboo knitting needles so yes I kept them and shall be giving away my old metal ones.

Last Sunday 26th March

Our eldest son was 36 years old

Last Sunday was also Mothering Sunday. I was given loads of beautiful flowers from family and friends too.  I had beautiful bouquets of flowers from my sons for Mothering Sunday. I had Hyacinth Bulbs from Saffy a little girl who I teach needlework on Saturday mornings, and I had a pot of Lilies from my friend Jane

Thursday went for coffee with my friend Heather. she also had some of my junk sequins and beads for her grand-daughter
and on Friday had lunch with my friend Janice.  Her birthday was last week and mine is next week.

and this little one is two months old now, where did  those couple of months go...........  she is the daughter of our eldest in the picture above

Some of her new wardrobe............ "granny knits"