Sunday, 14 February 2016

Amaryllis Sunday ~ week six

Nothing much to report............

Speedy has started to go over.

Slow and Steady II standing about ten inches high, has decided to stop growing and I reckon she may show herself by the end of the week.  They say good things come in nice packages........... 

Speedy II I think will be all leaf........

Slow and Steady II not sure what the new tiny growth will be.  A stalk or leaf.........  This one you may remember flowered a second time last July  So we will have to see what happens

Monday, 8 February 2016

Amaryllis Sunday on Monday..................

Oh where has Speedy gone?  Its OK Speedy is fine, just had to be found a new safer home.  Slow and Steady is doing well, and still nurturing another stalk.

picture taken 4th February
Speedy now lives in the fire surround with the ones that I rescued from the garden, and now stands 26" high between top of the bulb and the bottom of the flowers and needs a supporting stick, even with a supporting stick it grew too big for the corner of the window sill and it looked like it may have fallen and really we did not want it to come crashing down onto the computer!

Since last Thursday Speedy has sprouted another flower and now looks like a tannoy!  We are somehow expecting voices from it!

The rescued ones are doing the same.  The one on the right sprouted first, and the one on the left was about a week behind, now look!  But it does look they are both just producing leaves, so I may remove them from there as I think it is too warm for them.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Talking Pictures!

Has anyone else heard of  Talking Pictures TV
Who doesn't like sitting in the warm with crochet or knitting or even embroidery on cold wet winter afternoons and watching a good film!
Its a whole channel of reasonable length movies from before Star Wars, and Indiana Jones and even James Bond.  Most of them, nearly all of them are in black and white, one I've seen dating from 1929 to the 80's.  We tend to watch the thirties to the early sixties films. 

There are comedies like one of my favourite films the Iron Maiden.

Mr Pastry films.  Yes I'm old enough to know who he was!

Serious classic films like Brighton Rock

and Dr Crippin

Rare amazing colour film of 1939 set in Dartmouth Devon (UK)  The only film made in Dufaycolor.  It made the film look like vintage colour postcards.

And lots of compelling films that must have been in the vaults for years.  
Lots of films we have never heard of but enjoyed watching with lots of actors and actresses we knew of but haven't seen for years!