Tuesday, 29 September 2015

I might as well just give up now............

How is everybody?  

At the moment I am just feeling sorry for myself, feeling a bit fed-up, but at least I have got back into crafting and knitting now.  I stopped for a reason I don't want to go into here.  Didn't really feel like blogging either.

On my needles apart from the aran cardigans for the grandchildren.  I am knitting a 1934 dog coat for one of my friend's dogs, if it fits she'll want another six!  (She has seven dogs)  I will show all when finished.

I am making some daffodils mostly for Christmas pressies, 

and making some sculptured brooches.  

The reason for the fed-up-ness is because I know the world is a big competition and lots of people are selling too.  But I have two things on Ebay on a buy now is nearly coming to the end of thirty days.  I have been trying to sell some Christmas items for the last three years, and whenever we do a boot fair people want things for nothing!  I may as well just give the things to charity shop at least they will benefit!

but saying that I have recently sold lots of Cyril the Seagull patterns - Knitting Today magazine, but that will end soon when the next knitting magazine comes out.  

I give away more of my crafts than sell!  Don't get me wrong I don't mind giving my stuff away, but occasionally I would like to sell something!

Thank you for reading my moans and groans, but my real gripe is, and has anybody else having this problem?  I CANNOT leave comments on some of the blogs I love to read.  If there is an email I will email the owner of the blog, but if not I cannot get in touch, so please don't think me rude if I normally leave you a comment and  now all of a sudden don't.  I an not computer savvy enough to sort it, so any advice would be helpful..........

Just edited this post
Just discovered I cannot leave replies on my blog for the no-reply bloggers either


Monday, 14 September 2015

Didn't know it was there!

We have lived in West Somerset for twenty-five years but didn't know there was a WW2 Radar station on our doorstep!

Last Saturday the National Trust opened some properties for free and some properties were opened for the first time.  Normally this building is used for storage.

computerised impression of what it may have looked like

Monday, 7 September 2015

The garden again..........

A couple of weeks ago our old lawn mower gave up never to go again, halfway through cutting the back lawn too, so a trip to local Argos for a new one!

After bringing it home, and putting it together.....

It took all of thirty minutes after I sorted which way the washers and the wire connector went!

Smart new mower and lots of long wet grass!  It had rained and the grass was quite deep since the old mower stopped working!  When I hung the washing out I couldn't see my feet for the long grass, and the birds that landed in the garden you only see there heads and tails bobbing along.  I noticed on the box for small to medium gardens.  How big is a medium garden..........

Well it survived cutting two lawns!

Shortly after this picture of this pretty Dahlia was taken it completely disappeared on the only the petals left on the ground.  After watching Gardener's World with Monty Don on Friday, apparently there is something that eats Dahlias, need to watch again to catch what it was!  I know there is a leaf cutter caterpillar eating my rose leaves I have seen it!

My Alpines

Flowers in my garden this week

This caterpillar had landed on me from out of no-where!  I brushed off took its photograph and it wriggled off!


My Chocolate and Lime Madeleine recipe here for you to try