Tuesday, 6 November 2018

I am One in Five

They said on the news this morning that one in five of us have done Christmas shopping.  Yes I am one of those but my shopping consists of bouquets of flowers to be delivered near Christmas.  I have ordered them for the people who have helped me throughout this year because  I don't drive. and they have kindly taken me to the hospital, to either visit my husband or my dad. done my washing (washing machine broke when husband first went into hospital) and shopping or taken me shopping.

Flowers sent to me from one of my sons 
via the lovely company
*Bloom & Wild
Christmas is from the internet this year, I actually prefer looking round the shops. Mostly just for the grandchildren's birthdays three birthdays, in first three weeks of January (more choice this time of year I even buy  birthday presents for July and August now).  I don't buy them Christmas presents any more.  A few years ago we decided birthdays were their day not Christmas, am I being a bit Bah Humbug here?  But, saying that they have an Advent Bag with twenty-four gifts and clothes on Christmas day, though.  The bag is mainly unread books from the charity shops collected throughout the year. One family of three older children, twins born in July they won't need presents this year - sounds mean I know They have eight presents. First child opens on 1st December then again 4th December, second on 2nd and 5th and so forth. Their cousin gets all twenty-four this year but if she gets a brother or sister she will have to share. 
Last years Advent gifts
I start in January looking for books.  I get very neat books, ones that have not been written or scribbled in. You be surprised how many there are.  Last year (January 2017) I saw and picked off the shelf a compendium of stories, could see it was a brand new book and I can still see the inscription to this day, written in the neatest script I have ever seen.  To Alfie, Merry Christmas love Grandma and Grandpa 2016.  Seeing this actually made me quite angry,  To me it seemed the parents hadn't even opened the book, well I knew they hadn't because the pages clicked as they were flicked through.  This year I have noticed a lot of the expensive colouring books normally priced at £9.99 priced in the charity shop 99p.  

My daughter-in-law sorts the books they don't want to keep from last year and returns them to a charity shop to be re-purchased and read again.


*Bloom & Wild are here.  
The picture is NOT sponsored, I just thought I would mention these people as their flowers so lovely


  1. Beautiful flowers from your son, and what a lovely idea to send flowers at Christmas.

  2. The flowers are beautiful, Julie.
    You sound very organised for Christmas and no, you're not being bah humbug! in the slightest. Gift giving can get a little bit out of hand and you have to draw the line somewhere. Last year I decided to buy for immediate family only and it felt like such a relief, as I find gift buying quite stressful.
    The book idea is lovely. X

  3. I bought my first gifts today, but stuck to local makers or Fairtrade items from Oxfam as far as possible.

  4. Lovely idea, but to me, it's not so much the gift, but the thought & remembering special occasions. Take care.

  5. It's the thought that counts and you have thought about those that have helped you when you needed it this year, that is really nice and will be very much appreciated.
    I've got a few gifts purchased and have made quite a few.


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