Sunday, 11 February 2018

Week Six 2018

Not much this week!

There are only so many times to talk about the garden, tidying and family before people get fed-up, so last time family mention for a little while.  Birthdays seems to start immediately after Christmas in this family since grandchildren have arrived!

Monday saw our youngest son's 32nd birthday.
We saw the whole family on Saturday.  Read about it in the previous post.

For some reason mid-week I couldn't get to sleep so whilst awake I laid in bed working out how many words could be found in the word February.  Bearing in mind I didn't have a pen and paper only memory and counting on fingers I got 31 words, apparently there are 96 to be got.  I couldn't be bothered to get up to make a hot drink because is was cold, and I was in hope I would go back to sleep!  I did I think.........the next time I looked at the clock time read 6.30am

My words found in the word from memory

fury, fur, bury, berry, ferry, fare, fear, year, yea, bear, bare, rare, rear, area, ear, era, are, bye, buy, buyer, fry, fryer, bray, ray, fray. bay, ruby, rub, bar, bra, aye,

Thursday evening we went to our local theatre to see
The Pasadena Roof Orchestra,
and very good they were too.

Saturday went to my friend Lizzie's Pop-up textile sale.
She has other fairs listed down the side panel on her blog.
I met lovely Sarah with her husband there and had a long natter.  She has a wonderful blog

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Made a carrot cake!

Wartime Recipe
I used butter, but the recipe calls for margarine or other cooking fat, light brown soft sugar and I used a little apple juice 

8oz Self raising flour, 3oz Butter, 3oz Sugar, 4oz grated Carrot, 2oz Sultanas, 1 x egg, little milk or water.

Rub the butter into the flour, then add sugar, carrot sultanas and egg and mix in.
Mix in sufficient liquid to make sticky.

Pour mixture into cake tin and cook on 180 degrees C until cooked through and golden brown.

Topping optional - the cake can be eaten without 
250 tub of Mascapone, 3 level tablespoon icing sugar, and teaspoon vanilla essence

Cut cake through middle
Mix together and spread icing on cake


  1. Hello Julie
    So wonderful to see you yesterday! It was a wonderful event. Thank you for my blog mention very kind of you... 🧡
    Have a wonderful time for the rest of weekend

    Sarah xxxxx

  2. Ooh that carrot cake sounds yum! And not much sugar....good! I'll definitely be trying this.

  3. Carrot favourite. I usually make all the family birthday cake, but when it comes to mine my Mum makes my this one!

  4. I've had a couple of bad nights sleep this week too... must be something in the air! Well done on the words from February. Your carrot cake looks yummy.

  5. We go straight into birthdays a couple of weeks after Christmas too. Your carrot cake looks rather delicious xx

  6. Thank you for the mention Julie. Hope you have had a good week xxx


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