Sunday, 4 February 2018

Week Five - 2018

Monday morning and  washing on the  line!  It was a lovely windy morning, and for the first time in what seems ages my washing was pegged on the line.  Could not wait to bring it in smelling fresh.

Tuesday a lovely silvery frosty morning, went into the garden and pruned some old branches from bushes and hand pulled out nettles

Wednesday, last day of January.  Looking back in January, we had flu. three grandchildren's birthdays in three weeks, two cancelled visits to see them in as many weeks because of flu and other bugs.  

We also had a Super Blue Moon.  
"once in a blue moon"  
It is when you get two moons in one month

Thursday, back into the garden more pruning.  If we don't do it now it will never get done then the bushes will start to grow again with new shoots and will just get out of hand even more than it is already!

Friday, made Lemon Drizzle Cake(s) for the weekend.  
One to take out tomorrow and one to have on Sunday.  
Recipe is here

Saturday morning it was a bit like Christmas with presents waiting to be distributed

Liam and Scarlett's belated birthday presents
Scarlett's costume is Moana

Saturday, belated birthday presents and one birthday present which is tomorrow.

Sunday, Eldest son and daughter-in-law came and we went out for lunch

Then we came back to Nanny and Grandad's 

to celebrate Abigail's first birthday


* SOLD *


  1. Your lemon drizzle looks delicious. Exciting times with your birthday celebrations, looks like your granddaughters are having fun.

  2. Great catchup & glad all the bugs have gone & you could celebrate the birthdays. I do a lemon delicious cake, but mine is a loaf type, so found yours looked so different to my recipe. I've been pruning too, as I couldn't see the top tier of the garden from my kitchen window, so that looks better now. Have a good week & take care.

  3. OOh, a nice week! The Lemon Drizzle looks splendid! The leaves look good! My husband pruned something back today but not sure what it was!!

  4. Isn't it lovely to be able to hand washing on the line?
    Simple pleasures.
    That cake looks delish, i might have a go at that one.
    Have a good week

  5. Good to hear you're back on track. Love lemon drizzle cake!

  6. Hello Did you sell your cross stitch linens ? I would be interested with the exception of that piece on the bottom of the pile . Would you accept £12 plus the postage for them ? Cant find your email address . Daisy Debs


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