Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Advent Calendar - Door 20

Wrapped Presents

These wrapped presents are books for an Advent Bag for my three other grandchildren  (cousins to yesterdays post).  The second year I have done this for them and they really enjoy it.

All the books in this bag are from Charity shops and at least 50% of them have never been opened.   You can tell by the pages clicking as you flick through the books.  I start collecting these books immediately after Christmas, but what upsets me the most is that when I open the cover to find an inscription from loving grandparents and the book has never been looked at.  Back in January/February this year I remembered I opened such a book only to read "love granny and grandad  Christmas 2016............"

Moan over..........sorry it just upsets me children don't read books anymore.  My cheeky son says to me that not everybody is old like me and does things from "olden times" this coming from the son just entering into his thirties!  I did wonder why we named him Peter*

*referring to J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan


  1. We were given some books for Lily a few weeks ago which had obviously never been read by the previous owner - very sad. I'm happy that Lily loves to read and she's really enjoying reading the advent books my friend sent for her. I think she'll be very disappointed when they finish. X

  2. I too never buy new books; just rely on Charity shops and can get such good bargains.

  3. I used to do exactly the same for my son when he was little and I still do for family members. I prefer the recycled option.

  4. I buy lots of books from charity shops too and so many of them are brand new. So sad when you find them with an inscription from a family member or even a friend. xx

  5. One son (nearly 20) reads avidly and one son (17) only 'reads' the internet. We love books and this year I have secretly arranged a jolbokkaflod - yule book flood - and on New Years eve I shall present each of us with a book to read. We'll have 'nibbles' and music and read read read (well,I suspect 3 of us will and a 4th may dip in and out of both his book and the tinter... well it is a start!)

  6. Oh this fills me with great sadness. To give it away in January after only having received it a month ago without even bothering with it- so sad!

  7. Only my youngest daughter doesn't read, I'm still hoping that she will find the bug later. That's really sad that you found a book given away so soon after it was gifted! I would hate to think anything I made for my grandchildren ended up in a charity shop. I love the book bags :-)

  8. My granddaughter has a brand new Christmas book the last time I see her before Christmas that we write in. This year being 6 she was able to read herself what we have written in previous years - like last year when we wondered how she would eat her Christmas dinner with loosing her two front teeth at the beginning of December, she had forgotten it was a year since. Memories to cherish forever.
    So sad the book had been given away so soon, the children didn't have a chance to enjoy it later in the year :-(


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