Thursday, 30 November 2017

November Scavenger Hunt 2017

Blue Plaque

I hate having my photo taken, but I can certify this is me

Beginning with a...... W
Waterwheel at Piles Mill nr Porlock Somerset UK



My old toys

In the swirls of  branches printed on this toddlers book are little pictures


My Own
Carrots I purchased from a farm shop.  
These carrots were roasted and they were so sweet and very nice

Linked with Kate I Live, I love, I craft.


The Christmas Advent Scavenger Hunt 2017 starts tomorrow.  Thank you for all the interest too.  
I have been asked many questions.  There are no rules as such, so please if you feel you think you won't manage to put  a picture every day, then play catch-up at the end of each week.   Mix up the pictures if you wish, but use the list but please keep the "Night Before Christmas" as the 24th picture.  
Just have FUN!  
Its just a scavenger hunt after all 
I will certainly have fun looking at everyone's pictures everyday, I will look everyday


  1. Great set of photos, & I see that neither of us like having their picture taken. I never even thought of my dear doll for toy, even though she appears on my comments as my profile photo (silly me). Those carrots are ginormous & I actually thought they were sweet potatoes. Thanks for our Xmas hunt next & allowing poor old folk like me to post about once a week. I'll try & make it for Fridays, but not tomorrow as I have a dental appointment(ugh). Take care.

  2. Excellent selection of scavenger photos and stories (those carrots are HUGE) to end 2017 - looking forward to your festive one starting tomorrow xx

  3. Lovely interpretations of the prmopts, I enjoyed them all and I too thought you had put up a photo of kumara (sweet potato) for your own choice.

  4. The blue plaque is the perfect idea for blue. I have not long come back from Harrogate , where Agatha fled to when she was faking her disappearance. Thats a beautiful rainbow. X

  5. Like the blue plaque for blue and waterwheel for W, great that you found a rainbow and I love your toys especially the bear:)

  6. Lovely set of pictures. I especially love the hidden pictures that emerge when you click on the children's book.
    Looking forward to the Christmas Advent picture hunt. x

  7. Lovely photos Julie and whopping great carrots!!! I'll be watching the advent posts but can't commit to doing them myself right now. x

  8. An inspired interpretation. It amazes me when I see the photos that I hear myself say 'Why didn't I think of that!' Good luck with your advent calendar photos; I'll just be bobbing in to have a look!

  9. Very interesting collection! I loved the 'blue' and the way you created shadows and used light in the photos such as the rainbow and lit up arch. A great photo to finish off with too!

  10. Another lovely choice Julie, what is it about old teddies they are the best. Super carrots .

  11. Love the picture of 'you' ... clever!

  12. It must be nice to still have some of your old toys. They look much loved!

  13. I love the rainbow - and the arch ... but the one of yourself is very clever.


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