Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Christmas Advent Scavenger Hunt

Its that time of year again, and this year it definitely seems to have come along again a lot quicker, I'm sure I only just organised last years!

Please say you will join me again in putting twenty-four little Christmas pictures on your blog as if it were an Advent Calendar?

Friday 1st December is the day we start opening doors on the Advent Calendar or in our case one picture per day for the blog posts.  

This year I thought I would take a leaf from Hawthorn's book, hope you  don't mind me copying Kate....... and have a Scavenger Hunt.

You put a different picture on everyday leading up to 24th December.  

  You can use your own photos, taken recently or from the family album/archive taken years ago, or use little films/cartoons from You Tube.


Something handcrafted for Christmas

Favourite Christmas recipe

Christmas book(s)

Stained Glass Window




Christmas Bauble

Holly and Ivy



First Christmas Card received in the post

Christmas Crackers

Tree before dressed

Tree after dressed

Christmas wrapping paper


Stocking or Christmas Sack/Bag

Wrapped present(s)


Father Christmas


The Night Before Christmas

Remember one picture or little film/cartoon per day

Please leave comment if you would like to join in, and I will list everyone on 30th November


  1. What a lovely idea. I'm not sure I will be organised enough to join in with you but I will definitely enjoy looking out for your photographs during December. X

  2. Love it! Count me in for sure - and I'll put a link on my blog too x

  3. Going to be interesting to see what you come up with this year

  4. Hi Julie, this sounds like a lovely idea, and I’m definitely thinking about it.

    The problem is I’m not sure I would be able to find something for each of the prompts. For instance, I could find plenty of Christmas book(s) but would struggle with ' handcrafted for Christmas'. Also where you say ‘tree before dressed’ could I use an illustration from a vintage book or Christmas card showing children dressing a tree?

    Also would it be possible to use one picture from a previous Christmas post with a link back to the post? I’ve got some really old posts that were probably seen by very few people, and it would be nice to give them another airing.

    I suppose I’m asking how rigid the rules are.

    Sorry to be a pest!

  5. Thanks for getting back to me by email Julie - I'm in. This is going to be fun. xx

  6. Hopefully I'll join in too Julie if I may. Thanks & take care.

  7. I think that this would be fun and I haven't joined in with anything like this for ages. Please put me down.

  8. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees,Julie, I would love to take part again! Now need to remember to do it! Thanks for thinking of it again!!x

  9. Great idea but unfortunately due to work commitments (12hr shifts) I'll have to pass. Good luck with it.

  10. Count me in too. Should be fun.x

  11. I'm not sure if I'll be organised enough to do every day, but I'd love to join in :)

  12. I'd love to join in please x


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