Friday, 27 October 2017

October Scavenger Hunt 2017

Grandson making models with his daddy's and uncle's old Lego bricks

Two large half barrel pots my son gave me a few years back when they were going to be thrown  away where he worked at one time.

Beginning with F........

Wrapping paper for this years Christmas present

Patchwork fabric I purchased a few years back

A street near the cathedral in Wells Somerset UK

Kettle *
Watching kettle boil is not boring anymore!
Different temperatures different colour.
The water was not for demonstration purposes, it was pre-heated to cook pasta in.

This apple was cut open and it didn't have core or pips

My "special" vase(s).
Black one with the daisies I brought back from when I stayed with my grandparents when I was a little girl from Woolworths with my pocket money for my mum in the 1960's.  The cranberry glass vase always sat on my grandmother's dressing table.  The tall brown one which holds my wooden and bamboo knitting needles belonged to my mum.  The little round Dartington glass vase  was given to me when I was forty by a friend, now holds wooden and bamboo crochet hooks and sock needles.   The hand blown lily in the centre I gave to my mum the day I got married.  You can just see part of the tubular base under the daisies

Own Choice
Whilst looking through old photos I found this collection of money boxes we own,
Think we have spy in the camp!

My kettle came from Lidls, but I think Russell Hobbs do one

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  1. Oh, I just love that kettle, nothing boring about That, I want one :) Love your money boxes as well - great photos.


  2. Amazing kettle; I just have a boring, opaque black one. I sometimes quilt and was drawn instantly to your jelly rolls for your Neat word. They always look so lovely and tempting too! I've a few I ought to use......

  3. That is an amazing kettle! How unusual to find an apple with no core or pips. Unexpected indeed!

  4. I love Lego, we’ve kept ours so grandchildren can use it in the future too. Lovely jelly rolls there xx

  5. I love your kettle!! Your my own choice made me giggle :) Thank you for joining in x

  6. Great set of photos, I have some of them large barrels with furn's in. Our house is full of husbands!
    Amanda xx

  7. Are my kids' too old for Lego, as I don't remember any for them, but all the grandkids have it. Mine had buildabricks & matchbox toys. I think your kettle is snazzy too & I feel that your moneyboxes should all be pound tags, but there is only one? I can relate to your jelly rolls, as I'm trying to use up some of mine.
    Am loving everyone's takes on our words. Have a lovely weekend & take care.

  8. Hi Julie, those patchwork fabric rolls are really very neat! There must be a trick to gathering them all together like that, or it would take hours. The Lego reminded me of our grandsons. We've still got lots of their old toys in the loft even though they are 27 and 24! They asked us to keep them when they all moved to Australia (before our son got remarried and had the two girls), and so we did. Goodness knows what we will do if/when we have to move into a flat or an old folk’s home! I love your kettle and all the rest of the photos. Have a happy weekend, Barbara

  9. Hi Julie, My husbands boss collects Lego Big time.Spending big money on some kits. Oh you brought back memories with your tale of Woolworthss vases ,I bought one for my mum with my pocket money for mothers day ,many many years ago,when she died it was the first thing I wanted. The kettle is really great too.

  10. Great photos, have enjoyed seeing them all. The kettle is wonderful:)

  11. I love your vases - I keep my knitting needles in vases all over the place too. Wells looks beautiful - we've only been to Somerset once and that was a long time ago - it looks like a lovely part of the world. Great photos.

  12. We have old lego being used here too.
    Great collection of snaps for this month.

  13. I love those half barrels. They cost a fortune to buy! The colour changing kettle looks great! x

  14. Lovely photo for 'making' and an interesting collection... a great find for 'unexpected' too!

  15. Some lovely photos: I particularly like the feather, and the lego brings back memories!

  16. Sorry about late comments. Love those barrels and as Simone said. they cost a fortune these days. Your kettle seems to have attracted the most comments and I agree....I could easily watch water boil ....over and over. Fascinating. Love the vases too.

  17. I am mesmerised by the kettle!!!!! How strange about that apple!!x


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