Thursday, 31 August 2017

August Scavenger Hunt 2017


Something beginning with an M........
Marbles on the Solitaire board

Time for........
The tea I shared with a friend 
on my friend Denise's birthday at 
Lock's Victorian Tearooms Dunster

Colour tangerine is used in this 1950's embroidery
(click on picture for a closer look)

Something beginning with an O........
The octagonal box was full of chocolates

The whiskery model of Hagrid at Harry Potter World

A pretty knitted lace christening dress on display
at the Victoria and Albert Museum London

Packhorse Bridge at Allerford Nr Porlock Somerset


My choice
A statue of The Ancient Mariner 
at Watchet Harbour Somerset
 here and here


  1. A lovely selection. The afternoon tea looks delicious. X

  2. I'd like to be able to lounge on the sofa like the little girl in the first picture, sadly those days are gone. lol

  3. What a lovely selection. I really enjoyed looking at your choices and wondering why I had such difficulty in finding ideas.

  4. Just look at that afternoon tea!

  5. Well done & love that pretty little dress. Take care.

  6. So many lovely photos, I like the relaxed one, oblivious to the photo being taken. Afternoon tea looked rather nice too xx

  7. Mint chocolates are my favourite! I love afternoon tea. We have an iconic hotel nearby that serves a delicious afternoon tea with gluten free options. Sadly I have now developed a dairy intolerance, boo! So no more jam and cream scones for me :-).

  8. Great photos to match the words; the afternoon tea has to be my favourite. Then there is the box of chocolate mints! I love them!

  9. Nice one Julie - clever play on words! Love it! Favourite? Has to be whiskery - no octagonal - no changed my mind - it HAS to be Tangerine - you clever thing you! thank you for joining in :)

  10. Great photos. Love Whiskery and Bridge also your choice because I stood next to him a few years ago:)

  11. A lovely group of photos, I've enjoyed browsing them :)


  12. Afternoon Tea is always a favourite of mine and the pack horse bridge is lovely. X

  13. That's a cute photo for 'relaxed' and I like your O for octagonal. Really like the sculpture at the end too, and the bridge :)

  14. That bridge is beautiful! Definitely my favourite.

  15. The ancient mariner looks most handsome! x

  16. Hello Julie, I do love these scavenger hunts and admire the way you put them together. The little one on the sofa looks very relaxed (wish I could get that comfy!), your tea at Lock’s tearooms looks delicious (I really must try it one day), and the Christening dress is adorable. Have a super week, hugs Barbara.

  17. You could say they are Marbles on Mahogany!
    I like the relaxed lassie on the sofa and the tea looks divine!!

  18. I love your collection this month Julie. You always find interesting things for your hunt. When we once visited Watchet harbour many years ago, I was inspired by it to create a cross stitch sampler! xox

  19. Great selection, your afternoon tea looks delicious.


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