Friday, 28 July 2017

July Scavenger Hunt 2017

Crane(s) at the Model Village Babbacombe Devon UK

A ring of holes around the edge of the flower

A set of unread 70th edition of Enid Blyton's Famous Five, never been opened I bought at a bootfair for £2.50, for the five.  My grand-daughter's birthday present. 

Light and cascading water with music at a theatre at Watermouth Castle Ilfracombe Devon UK


Spring(s) in the record player.

Open gateway at Hampton Court Palace

The grandfather clock from the Weasley's house at Harry Potter World

At a fete in the local park

My Choice.  Actually I didn't take this photo, my son Peter did on his phone, , and probably many other people at the time did too, but he gave me permission to use it.  This duck was outside Tesco's in Crediton Devon UK about three years ago.  It always makes me smile

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  1. Brilliant selection Julie, your duck in a bow made me giggle :) wonder what made the ring of holes in that ipomoea flower? I felt like I wanted to thread a ribbon through them :) Don't forget to link in (if you had done already - my apologies but the link up failed and I have had to insert a new one so you will need to add your details again) kx

    1. Thinking on it....I could have used that as my picture of the bow too........

  2. Love your takes on the words & I was actually thinking by the time I got to the end, that you'd forgotten to do the bow till the end. He does look cute. Never even thought of "grand"father clock, though I did think of grandparents. Your light one is lovely. It's fun isn't it, trying to think outside the box, with so many meanings for the words Eldest chose this time. Take care.

  3. Lovely pictures and words. So refreshing to see how everyone interprets this list, which I thought was harder than usual. The duck made me smile but my favourite is the set of holes in the ipomoea flower. Well spotted.

  4. I love your selection this month, Grandfather clock, very clever. I hope your granddaughter loves the Famous Five books as much as we all did. Children's books have changed so much, not so much innocent adventure. My favourite has to be your favourite too. That duck with his bow is brilliant.

  5. love your photo, the famous five were my daughters favourites when she was growing up. very clever the rings in the flower. I am in agreement with the others hmmm love the duck with his bow tie. See you next month.

  6. Great photos. :) I especially love the duck with its bow. Quite a looker! The rings in the flower is a very clever interpretation. Glad the Famous Five are still going strong.My 7 year old niece is a big Enid Blyton fan now.X

  7. A great collection and some interesting interpretations! I love your find for 'ring'!

  8. Some great finds and like the others the goose takes my fancy :)


  9. The rings in the flower is very strange! I wonder how they got there? x

  10. Great choices this month. Those famous five books will be so loved.

  11. Hello Julie,
    It looks as if an insect decided to decorate the flower with holes – amazing!
    Your Famous Five books were such a good bargain, lucky granddaughters. It does make me sad to think someone would give them away unready, but thankfully you came along and somebody will love them.
    I love, love, love the duck photo. He just looks so smart.
    Have a lovely week and thanks for the tip about magnets I’m going to give it a try.

  12. The books will always be a winner Julie and just how sweet is the little duck! ♥
    Happy Tuesday,
    Susan x

  13. I loved The Famous Five and The Adventurous Four and The Secret Seven! What a lovely gift for your granddaughter. A very long time ago I visited that model village too. How amazing that it has detail such as cranes.

  14. I love your choices and it has brought back vague memories of a childhood holiday when I visited Watermouth castle. X

  15. Great pictures...a lovely selection...and memories for me too of some of the places and the books! Love the duck of course :)


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