Monday, 15 May 2017

Weeks Eighteen and Nineteen - part two

Hampton Court Palace

On the Saturday, us and Robert and Anneka had a walk in the Maze

I have always wanted to go in this Maze since reading the book Three Men in a Boat, when I was about fifteen.

“We’ll just go in here, so that you can say you’ve been, but it’s very simple. It’s absurd to call it a maze. You keep on taking the first turning to the right. We’ll just walk round for ten minutes, and then go and get some lunch.”

Remembering this quote, I got everybody to the centre.......then we had trouble getting out again,  We were caught in the loop of the Maze.  I recognised some of the turnings, so I picked up a stone and placed on one of the railings and we passed it three times.  You can leave the Maze a "quick way" which we also passed three times, but we kept calm and carried on and eventually Robert decided to take a turning we ignored thinking it was a dead-end and we were out!  You play follow-my-leader in the Maze.   Think the idea is, it is quite easy to find the centre, but the difficult part is to get out!

The Maze was planted for William III of Orange 

On the Monday Alex and I went back to Hampton Court to tour the house.  

The windows in the Great Hall

We watched an hour play being performed in various rooms of a conversation between Henry VIII and the pregnant Anne Boleyn.  

Not the best picture in the world I'm afraid.  It is heads of people peering down as if they are listening, known as "Eavesdroppers" 

The tables in the great hall are covered in cloths with quotes

The Zodiac clock

Hampton Court's back garden taken from a footpath we found.

The chimneys at Hampton Court


  1. wow, what an interesting place to visit, like the idea of the conversational play happening as you walk through the rooms.

  2. I love Hampton Court but haven't been there for years. The last time the maze was in a bit of a state and you could see through the bushes, looks like it's a bit nicer now.

  3. I love our great history, it fascinates me. I haven't been to Hampton court since I was a teenager decades ago xx

  4. What an interesting post...glad you got out of the maze. The play being acted as you walked around must have been fascinating. (And you found a patchwork shop!)
    Helen xox

  5. Oh my goodness, those windows in the great hall!! I'm glad you found your way back out of the maze. X

  6. Stunning stained glass windows. The maze sounds fun.


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