Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Weeks Eighteen and Nineteen - part three

Exhibition Road

Last Tuesday we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Science Museum.  Museums have certainly changed since I last went over forty years ago!

The cafe at the V&A

A finely knitted baby christening dress

Fashion has certainly changed over the centuries 

The Science Museum.  
I certainly didn't recognise the place.  No buttons to push to make things work, and the giant pendulum was missing........

The only floor I recognised was the top floor where aircraft hang from the ceiling

Tim Peakes Space Capsule

But........ I, we had an interesting time in both museums


  1. I would have enjoyed the V&A museum, I love the detail in the clothing and to think the majority of them would have been hand sewn in such tiny stitches :)

  2. Fabulous sights you saw at the V&A, how it has changed since I was there last.


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