Friday, 19 May 2017

Weeks Eighteen and Nineteen - part - 3 of part four and the final part!

Part three of Harry Potter.  I have to say this place was amazing and well worth every penny.  There was so much to see.

Four pictures above are models made of paper.

The was amazing. you were able to walk round this giant model round a spiral walkway.

Part 5
Our last day
We found a path which walked along the Thames,  A pretty walk - where we saw the the back garden of Hampton Court  The path didn't quite take us to where we wanted to be though


 Urban fox taken outside Robert and Anneka's flat

The weather vane and clock at the Thames Ditton sailing club.  The clock has stopped because it was actually lunchtime we took the photo!

Mr & Mrs Goose and their little goslings who came rushing up to us for food, but paddle away when they realised we didn't have any.

Wembley Stadium taken from the overground train on Wednesday afternoon on the way back from Harry Potter

Cabman's rest Exhibiton Road
read about them here 

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  1. Looks as if you had loads of fun, Foxes are very bold, we have loads here.

  2. The whole thing sounds wonderful, what an experience xx

  3. It looks like you have had a wonderful time Julie! The Harry Potter place looks like a great experience and a place I would like to visit too. A lovely walk along the Thames with all the wildlife. x

  4. Hi Julie, what a fantastic day at HP world, it’s on my ‘wish I could visit’ list, but Terry is not really keen. We are going up to London for a day during our holiday, but we’ve got tickets for a Houses of Parliament tour (not quite the same thing!) I’m looking forward to it though as I’ve never been. I’m going to have a really good look at this and your previous posts now. Then I will show them to Terry and see if I can ‘encourage’ him to visit HP. :)

  5. A delightful trip you had. not sure I like that urban fox, he has a bit of a mean look about him.

  6. I love all things Harry Potter and have been on the studio tour twice now. The first time, a couple of years ago, I went near Halloween and the place was full of Death Eaters wearing their silver face masks - you know it's only people playing the part, but still very unsettling!


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