Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Weeks Eighteen and Nineteen - part - 1 of part four

Last Wednesday we had the best day out ever!  We were all up and out by 5.45am and in the car to be dropped off at a 24hr hour Asda store at 6.30am for breakfast.  Only trouble was breakfasts were not being served till 8am, so we a look round the the store and was restrained about buying!  Unless you count snacks.  After we had a breakfast we booked a taxi and was taken to........

......a recycled airfield

To a stage with the letter "J"

and to a stage with the letter "K"

We went to see
Harry Potter

Just to say this post is rather photo heavy so I have decided to split it up over a few days.

After queuing for about fifteen minutes we went in to a room where everyone was given and explanation if what was going to happen, and watching a slide-show of different Harry Potter posters from around the world.  We the sat in the cinema and watched a little film.  The screen then rose up to reveal a large wooden door.  After a few more words the doors were opened.


To be continued..............


  1. It must have been very exciting but is unfortunately lost on me. I must be one of a very small group of people who have never seen a Harry Potter film.
    It all looks quite magical and mysterious. X

  2. wow, looks like they have a lot of stuff on display. Soon as I spotted the Snape outfit I had to smile - was very fond of Alan Rickman. Loved him in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and his line of ... cancel Christmas!

  3. How wonderful!!

    God bless.

  4. Lucky you ... catching up so will look forward to seeing more.


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