Monday, 22 May 2017

Week Twenty

Last Wednesday the BBC Antiques Roadshow rolled into town!

It was a very wet day, and we went down at about 9 am to West Somerset Steam Railway Station and there was long queue with a variety of bags, and some things not in bags.........

I took my teddy bear and dolls.  I just missed seeing Hilary Kaye.  The gentleman I saw was informative of my bear, which is a Petz Bear which although rare not worth much.  Been loved too much!  His fur is rough and his stuffing is escaping and his growler doesn't growl anymore, but he is my bear!  Petz only lasted a few years and there isn't much written about them.  The stuffing is wood wool.

Not much about the dolls.


  1. How interesting. I would love to go to something like this. I have a few items that I wouldn't mind having valued. Bears, however, are priceless to the owner whatever their 'value' and are to be loved. X

  2. I could never sell my teddy bears! I bet your teddy has been through a lot with you over the years. x

  3. I have a wonderfully dotty friend who also has a soft spot for old bears, she makes them using the traditional crafts as well as having a few originals sitting around her home. She loves them dearly :)

  4. He does look a well loved bear.


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