Friday, 26 May 2017

May Scavenger Hunt 2017

Lichen and moss.
It always reminds me of an aerial view of the countryside and imagine a town or village or hamlet and people going about their business in there.  Think of the stories that could be written......

The stained Glass window featuring Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace

Piano keyboard

Group of ducks is called a "skein", "string" "team" or "flock"

Say hello to Gernomee the Green gnome who looks after my house plants.  
He is Dartmouth, Devon, UK pottery.  He has been with me about forty years.

Tornado in Steam at West Somerset Railway a few years ago

Bark of the Laburnum tree

Weave pattern made by my "Spede-weave" here in last months scavenger hunt

Long and short Stitch on my embroidery.  I must pick-up my embroidery again.  I haven't done any in a while.

 Time doesn't stand still.......normally, but on this occasion it does as this photograph was taken at lunchtime

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  1. Lovely selection Julie, I didn't know that ducks could congregate in more than just a flock - I learnt something new, thank you :) And don't talk to me about speedweves! I have now been pipped to the post on 3 sales and am still on the look out! Still part of the excitement is the hunt so I shall persist.

  2. I'm very impressed with your spede-weaving and embroidery.

  3. Lovely photos Julie & your spede-weave is still something I know nothing about. Maybe I should 'google it. Your embroidery is beautiful & I also toyed with stained glass & steam trains & am glad I left those for you alone. Thanks for all the words for a group of ducks. Take care.

  4. oh so lovely pics you have chosen ,still sitting on the fence here.

  5. Your stitches look so neat; I can just about manage cross stitch but anything else I avoid! The stained glass and Tornado were my favourites!

  6. I too love the embroidery. It's beautiful. Your idea of an aerial view of a lichen 'village' may not be too far from the truth I'm sure there my be some miniscule life under there.

  7. Hi Julie, I love the story with the lichen - you could see them heading out shopping for the day with lovely little baskets :) You've just reminded me of a bit of embroidery that I abandoned too - might get back to it this winter. Lovely photos.

  8. Lovely selection this month. Loving the embroidery.

  9. Your embroidery is beautiful Julie. I encourage you to pick it up again! x

  10. You always have the best scavenger hunts Julie! I love Gernomee the Green gnome, although I might have trouble saying his name after a glass of wine. :-) Hugs Barbara

  11. Great pictures for your scavenger hunt Julie! Your embroidery is always beautifully done. Have a good weekend.
    Helen xox


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