Monday, 10 April 2017

Week Fourteen

Sub-title ~ Tea, Flowers and Knitting.......again

Last Thursday we met our lovely friends Ken and Jenny and we had afternoon tea at the Lutterel Arms.  It was absolutely perfect.

Friday we went to visit my dad, who also had a visit from his newest great-grand-daughter Abigail.  So he had a lovely surprise day too as he didn't know they were visiting.

On Saturday we went to the Liz's West Country Fabric and Textile Weekend which was lovely.  Said 'hello' to lots of friends there.

I still have my Mothering Day flowers........... 

The Bouquets, have been sorted and cut down and I still have two vases of them

Not sure what was happening with the Lilies.  They didn't have a lot of watering yet the base leaves were going yellow fast, and some of the flowers were going brown.  So I cut the long stems, trimmed off the brown flowers and placed them in a vase

 The Hyacinths decided they wanted to flower upside down so the stalks were cut and also placed in a vase, and I see I have more flowers appearing in the three bulbs.

When we met up with some friends last September, Mavis gave me a piece of knitting she never finished.  I knitted a few extra rows to see if my knitted matched and continued knitted and finished this sweet little top.



  1. Aaaaaaaggghhhhh 14 weeks of the year gone already?
    Love the little knitted dress.

  2. I love that little top, sad that many young mums don't want hand knitting now. I used to love making my lot jumpers and cardy's.

    1. Love knitting for my grandchildren

  3. Interesting reading about the knitted matinée, rather sweet. My mother's day flowers are also lasting well, I shall miss them when they finally fade.

  4. Beautiful flowers, haven't they done well. How gorgeous is the little matinee top and what a sweet story to go with it xx

  5. The year is "racing" by & your weekly numbered posts are making me shudder as to where the time is going. You flowers are lasting well & although I don't often tell anyone, I'm from the era that knitted matinee jackets for their babies & my DD was even named after one I was making. Take care.

  6. Beautiful flowers. Lovely for you to get out and about!

  7. Sounds like a lovely week filled with great times. Your knitting is beautiful...such a sweet little vintage top!
    Helen xox

  8. What a nice time you have had with family and friends. A sweet handknit.

  9. I have never been for an afternoon tea! I will need to put that on my bucket list! The little top has so much work gone into it - very pretty. x

  10. Hello Julie,
    The little knitted dress is adorable and I can see you’ve made a great job of it. I love all your flowers, my son (in Australia) forgot all about it as mother’s day is at a different time of year over there. He suddenly remembered at 3pm in the afternoon (which might have been the middle of the night for him!) and sent me a Facebook message, I was really happy to hear from him. Hugs Barbara

  11. I always feel rather sad that I never had a parent or grandparent who knitted for me! They weren't really knitters so I always feel wistful when I see hand knitted items! Your flowers are doing so well!


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