Monday, 17 April 2017

Week Fifteen

Late again........  
I like to do my weekly posts on a Saturday, to start the weeks on a Sunday as 1st January was a Sunday.

Well anyway, my week started with me baking these Cherry Almond Cookies, the recipe can be found here

My Mothering Sunday flowers have come to their end now and were put in the garden recycling,

Although I still have my hyacinths.  Three bulbs and five flower stalks four of which are in water because they insisted on growing upside down 

On Good Friday we had a visit from a certain little person.  Her Easter Egg was a "granny knit" a castanet toy and two new £1 coins,  

It was fun getting those I have to say.  I wanted them for special Easter gifts for four special little people. I was in the post office, so I asked if they had any. Yes they said but we can only give them as change, so I said if I pay for my post with twenty pound note may I have eight in my change? Sorry no was the reply. I didn't like to ask if eight was too many or they just didn't have eight, so I paid for just my stamps and left. Went to the bank and asked if they had any new pound coins. I got ten no trouble whatsoever.

We had a stroll to the Steam Railway and along the prom.  Abigail was asleep by this time.

Easter Saturday was my birthday

I had lots of cards

and lots of lovely presents from friends and a meal out in the evening.

Hope everyone is having a good Easter.


  1. Happy birthday for Saturday .........3 bloggers I know of with birthdays over the weekend - how strange!

  2. Belated Birthday wishes Julie! It looks like you had a great time! x

  3. Thank you so much for the link to the printable recipe, I’ve just printed it and will try making some later in the week. The idea with the £1 coins is excellent (wish I had thought of it before I sent off the presents to Australia). Maybe I will send some anyway, you never know they might visit England when they are grown up and bring the coins back with them – not that they will be worth very much by then. Your cards and presents look lovely, happy birthday for yesterday. Have a lovely week. x

  4. Happy belated Birthday Julie....and wishing you a wonderful year ahead!
    Helen xox

  5. A belated Happy Birthday. You look to have received some lovely cards and gifts. Lucky lady.
    Your Mothering Sunday flowers lasted really well and now you have some beautiful replacements.
    Love the 'Granny knit'. X

  6. Belated Birthday Wishes, lots of lovely gifts and cards you received.
    Pretty cardigan Easter gift.

  7. Belated Happy Birthday Julie. It's been busy here, so just doing some catching up. Lovely post & do love the men in the steam train boiler!!! Take care.

  8. Lovely photo's Julie. Your name came out of the hattish thing and I have a project bag with your name upon it. drop me a comment, not to be published of course, with your snail mail address and I will get it off to you. Pam

  9. Belated birthday greeting Julie :-) Such a lovely cardie that you knitted for a little person xx


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