Friday, 24 March 2017

March Scavenger Hunt 2017

The flowers and jug on this cushion have been hand appliqued by me a few years ago.  I didn't have a pattern. I created it from a photo-copy from a cover of a vintage magazine

Recipe can be found here

This book contains 13 short stories, just right for bedtime!

Need I say more.......

Favourite Colour
When I see bright yellow daffodils, Spring is on the way!

The candles on a birthday cake when my eldest grand-daughter was two, she will be eight this year!  Where do the years go?

Hat knitting pattern from 1930

This was once the prettiest road to walk down in the town where I live, even in the rain.  This photo was taken six years ago, since then the council have chopped these trees down at ground level/

Favourite Mug or Cup
Sorry I don't have one,  These are new mugs recently bought to replace the old chipped and faded ones.

My own
My latest grand-daughter.  two months old this weekend, cousin of the little girl above

The picture I copied from


  1. Julie you are a clever thing - your jug and flowers are lovely, so glad you put the original image at the bottom :) really interesting stories and pictures thank you for joining in :)

  2. I love the photo from your walk, it is too bad they chopped the trees down they were very pretty. Congratulations on your grand-daughter she is so cute!

  3. Your interpretation of comfort made me smile!

  4. Beautiful granddaughters, love the baby's smile. What a shame about the trees, I love to see them full of blossom xx

  5. A great set of interesting photos to go with the words; I love to see how we all interpret the list. Mary Berry's recipe sounds good but I am trying not to bake as much (!!!!) as Beloved is slightly diabetic. Such a shame that a lot of 'good stuff' has sugar in it!

  6. Lovely photos Julie. I love old knitting/dress pattern books. We were way more feminine back then. Council do some horrifying things don't they? They took a beautiful large gum tree on a corner near us down & it just doesn't look the same anymore. Great applique, well done. Oh dear, as you say time goes fast & our eldest granddaughter will be 21 this year! Have a great weekend & take care.

  7. Lovely pictures. I especially like the jug with flowers, beautifully done. I feel for you about those trees. I wonder who decided that trees should come down, one lot of councillors think one thing, then they get voted out and another set of councillors has another idea. What qualifications do they have?? I too love to see the daffodil 'pencils' in the shops as they mean that spring is on the way, then when they start flowering at the roadsides I know it is here.

  8. Some lovely choices. Your embroidery work is beautiful. Daffodils are in abundance around here at the moment. Always a cheery sight. X

  9. There are so many lovely things in your scavenger hunt this month I feel spoilt for choice. The appliquéd cushion is just beautiful; you are obviously very creative to make it without a pattern (I would struggle with one). I am so enjoying seeing daffodils. The winter felt very long this year but at last the spring has arrived. Have a wonderful week xx

  10. Lovely choices this month, pretty cardi on your little granddaughter.

  11. Great choices Julie....your applique is amazing, and how adorable those little grand daughters are. I always love seeing the daffodils out too :)
    Helen xox

  12. What lovely photos. That street reminds me of my street. It is a genuine avenue lined with Cherry-blossom trees and it looks glorious at the moment!


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