Saturday, 11 February 2017

Week Six

Sunday 5th February, our youngest's 31st birthday.
I say it every year, where do the years go.........

Monday we went to meet this little person.

Tuesday was a fun day we don't think!   

We went out to buy some milk.  It turned out to be a very expensive bottle of milk!  
We got to Lidl's carpark to find we had a flat tyre caused by a rogue nail in the road.  The spare tyre was locked in under the car, so we called the AA to put the spare on for us.  We all looked at the spare tyre and said that's not good for long motorway journeys, we have been doing a lot of those lately.  So off to our local tyre shop to have the puncture repaired, purchase a new tyre and have the tyres swapped round the car to replace the spare.  So what was a thirty minute trip to buy milk ended up as nearly two hours!  We're just thankful it didn't happen on the motorway.


  1. That's very frustrating but, like you say, better that it happened there than on the motorway. Gorgeous photographs. The years go by far too quickly for my liking. X

  2. I say the same each year on the birthdays of our 3. They will be 37,36 and 30 this year......Oh dear.
    There isn't much worse than breaking down on a motorway. Touch wood it doesn't happen to us or you

  3. That's life I guess Julie. We just never know what the day will bring do we. Like you say, go out for milk and end up paying out a fortune. I never take any day for granted now, there always seems to be something. Anyway, glad you got it sorted and it didn't happen somewhere out of the way.
    Love your little baby, I don't think we will be getting anymore of these lovlies now unless one of the Grandchildren produces before we expire. lol

  4. Our youngest is now overdue, with an inducement date of next Thursday, so we are waiting for our little arrival. Glad you weren't on the motorway, tyres as with anything on your car are not cheap.

  5. ooff, we've been caught like that, unable to get a flat tyre off on a long distance jolly, had to ring for RAC who after quite a struggle (had a strange locking nut that nothing really fitted easily) got the spare out to find it was a space saver (a really skinny tyre) and could go no faster than 50 mph (did not get home till after 10pm - it was a long slooooow journey home. Gah - feel for you x

  6. What a nuisance & expensive too. Not had one for a long time, luckily. At least earlier in the week, there was the birthday celebration & meeting little one. Have a good week & take care.

  7. Baby cuddles on Monday sound like a perfect way to spend some time.


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