Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Who was Valentine?  
St. Valentine of Terni a Roman Saint

You can read more about him here 


I should have done this daily, but misread the post by I live, I love, I craft, hope Kate forgives me for getting it wrong........?

Here are my "heart shape" Valentine pictures................

In nature with a leaf

For Safety

A broken heart in the sky

Cross stitching hearts

Biscuit cutters that belonged to my mum


Pretty button

Heart shaped strawberry

Lavender heart I made

Brooch I made

Hearts on the TY Beanies?
Who collected these?

The little wicker heart on my basket of plants

The little brass trinket box with mother of pearl in-lay

This pretty plaque a friend gave me after I retired!


  1. Oh Julie what a delicious selection of hearts! Such a wonderful variety - so glad you joined in (albeit in your own unique way!!) but glad to you did - I will quickly pop your name on our heartathon list as will be leaving it up for a little while longer for any one to pop over and see xxx

  2. I love all your hearts, hard to find a favourite but I think it must be the last one though the lavender one is beautiful and so is the broach.....oh dear, I think I love all of them!

  3. Hi Julie,so many pretty hearts and I like them all, but my favourite is the ‘broken heart’ in the sky.
    Happy Valentine’s Day x

  4. What a great selection of hearts and an excellent way of presenting them all in one go!!! I did smile a lot. I often mis-read instructions so you are not alone. My favourite one is the safety sign then the broken heart in the sky.

  5. Lovely Julie and glad you did make it at the last moment. I love your little heart shaped box with mother of pearl inlay. Sort of looks art deco-ish. Thanks and take care.

  6. Beautiful hearts, and all the more special for seeing them together! I have those biscuit cutters too, they were my Mums, I have never seen another set of them!

  7. Beautiful heart collection. My daughter used to collect the beanie babies.

  8. I love this. I'm beginning to see hearts everywhere now. X

  9. You certainly have a lot of hearts in your life! x

  10. A lovely collection of hearts Julie! Hope you had a happy Valentine's week,
    Helen xox

  11. I was interested to read about St. Valentine, I've not stopped to think about the name before. Happy Thursday, Julie.

  12. I loved all your hearts Julie, thank you for sharing them. xx


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