Saturday, 21 January 2017

Week three..........

We went to Taunton, just to get a couple of bits we couldn't get where we live.

We had our granddaughter's 3rd Birthday.  
This comes exactly one week after her brother  birthday  

Also this week something strange but nice happened.  We saw the post come flying  through the letterbox, usual things bills and other rubbish the postman seems to deliver these days

Followed by this box, both husband and I looked at one and other and exclaimed.........!

Well as every mystery has a story I took photos

Flat packed flowers

Sorry not a clear picture but this is them after I put them in a vase

The Lily had broken off in transit but I thought I am not going to throw it away.  The last three pictures were taken yesterday.  I did not know who they were from until yesterday.  It was quite a mystery as the card said the sender did not leave their name, but I have since found out the sender.


  1. What a lovely surprise! Your granddaughter looks like she's about to enjoy that ice cream xx

  2. Well that's a first for me, never heard of flat packed flowers. How on earth do they not get squashed?
    Like the look of that ice cream. lol

  3. What a lovely surprise with your flowers. Happy birthday to the little one. She's very cute. Take care.

  4. What a beautiful gift to receive!!!! They are so beautiful aren't they. Glad you could even rescue the little damaged piece!

  5. What a lovely surprise parcel, how special.
    Happy Birthday wishes to your little lady.

  6. I love receiving flowers so can imagine your delight. Your little granddaughter is adorable and the ice cream looks very tempting. :-) x

  7. Gorgeous flowers...such a wonderful gift to receive! Your little grand daughter is very sweet. Happy belated Birthday to her.
    Helen xox


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