Sunday, 29 January 2017

January Scavenger Hunt 2017

The smoke trails from the Red Arrows

The view from my backdoor at twilight

Something beginning with "F"
The bird Feeder invasion

Embroidery in a circle

Coal truck at West Somerset Railway

Glass blowing at the "House of Marbles" 
Bovey Tracy Devon

Something beginning with "J"
Jam Tarts

Seagulls at Hove Brighton

In flower now
Christmas Cactus

My Choice
My first piece of knitting-in-the-round.
It is called "Birthday Pi" the pattern can be found on the knitting site Ravelry
knitted in 4ply


  1. Great photos! I love the jam tarts (could eat one now!) and the beautifully knitted shawl. It is a work of art Julie.x

  2. Great photographs. I love the colourful smoke trails of the Red Arrows and your knitting is just stunning. Beautiful neat work. X

  3. Great selection & I love them all, but the stand out for me was the glass blowing at The Marble Factory. We went there many years ago & I was blown away by the whole, especially that wall where the marbles travel down & I for the life of me can't think what they are called!!! I'll think of it as soon as I hit publish (giggle). Have a good week & take care.

  4. Great interpretation of Hawthorn's words. Can't believe you knitted that lovely item. I once had a Christmas cactus but I could never get it to flower at the right time! Favourite photo is the jam tart so, well it is edible!

  5. Jam tarts.... yummy... not had them for a long time.

  6. Beautiful knitting Julie and you've reminded me that it's too long since I've made jam tarts! xx


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