Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Half-way through............

We are half-way through week two of the year. 

We had our grandson's 6th Birthday yesterday

Still working on my project, but not sure I like the Carnations......... they seem to be missing something.......... advice please. The embroidery is on cream fabric and I know you can get two tone Carnations

I want to pick up some knitting but I don't want too many projects on the go.

And already have taken four bags of stuff to the charity shop

And made

Bread and Butter Pudding 
Can I call it that........?  I didn't butter the bread/cake
It is made with Italian Pannetone


  1. The snowdrops and leaves look 3D, 'fully coloured in' and the carnation (to me) looks like a line drawing. I don't embroider, but wondered if you could 'fill in' the spaces with colour to be the same as the others? That bread and butter pud looks amazing! I've made it with fruit breads before and that went down well, Pannetone bread and butter looks super yummy!

  2. Call that pud what you like Julie, it looks scrummy, was it custard or cream that went with it i wonder?

  3. Yummy...that pud looks delicious...comfort food on a cold day

  4. What a sweetie your grandson is, hope he had a wonderful birthday. I rather like your Carnations and Snowdrops xx

  5. Ok this is the 3rd time i've tried to leave a comment so lets see if it comes through.
    Beautiful photo of your grandson, and i hope he had a fantastic birthday.
    Bread and butter pudding is my favourite and yours looks yummy, have you tried making it with chocolate brioche too? O.M goodness it is to die for, lol.
    I know nothing about embroidery except your looks good to me :-)

  6. Happy birthday to your grandson & the pud looks rather delish. For the embroidery, have you ever thought about painting the carnations with lovely pale pink, using water colour pencils. I did a project many years ago using them (still languishing in my WIP box) & found it quite nice to do. I'll pull it out & maybe show on my blog, as I noticed it the other day, because I want to finish a lot of older things this year as well as starting on some ideas that have rattling around in my head & notebooks too. You can get in touch with any questions if you need too. Take care.

  7. Six is such a good age for a little boy. We are having home made rice pudding this weekend.

  8. Your embroidery looks lovely to me, you can get pink and white carnations, so if you did want to add something some white would be lovely with the white of the snowdrops. Just a suggestion, I am sure you will do what is right and it already looks very pretty! Happy Birthday to your grandson!

  9. Your grandson is adorable. And I like the carnations. I think that you could add a few stitches in pink or orange if you wanted a more lively look.

  10. Happy Birthday to your grandson...he looks very cute! Mmmm delicious pudding that looks so yummy :) Your embroidery is always beautifully done Julie....maybe add a bit of paler pink here and there to the carnations if you aren't quite happy with them.....I was looking at some real ones in a shop today which were quite a mix of shades.
    Helen xox

  11. Your grandson is adorable! Our little granddaughter will be six on the 21st of this month, sadly we won’t be with her as she lives in Australia, and we are in the UK. The nice thing is when we do see the family we get to spend several weeks with them. We are planning a trip for 2018, and we should be with her on her seventh birthday and also be there for our other granddaughters 5th birthday. Your pudding looks delicious. I love bread and butter pudding so yes, please do call it that.

  12. Your little grandson is growing up fast! If you want to add a little extra to the carnations why not put in a few 'colouring in' stitches in a contrasting pink to add some contrast? The pudding looks delicious. x


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