Sunday, 1 January 2017


............... A mystery as to what is ahead...........

My motto for the past few years!

January, Carnations and Snowdrops
An embroidery project I started at Christmas.  
Now I have shown the world I hope I finish the project I have planned.  I will need encouragement now...........

Back in 'January 2016' I added an extra box to my council boxes (Food Bin, Card & Paper Boxes).  I use this box for items going to the charity shop..........I have to report this box works very well and every month and sometimes weekly I take a bag to the charity shop who are very pleased with said donations so a win win!


  1. I've just cancelled all of my scrabble games in an effort to do more embroidery this year. I sit playing the b game when i could be doing some sewing, here's hoping i keep to my resolution.
    happy new year Julie.

  2. Clever idea with the box, I put items on a shelf in our garage, if we do not bring it back into the house after 6 months, it's gone.

  3. Happy New Year Julie and good luck with your embroidery project.x

  4. Wishing you good health and lots of fun and happy times in 2017
    Beautiful embroidery
    Great idea with the charity box, one of the ladies at my book group works in a charity shop so she is always happy to take any donations from us all.

  5. Happy New Year Julie. Love the look of your embroidery project & haven't had any embroidery on the go for a while, but have finished the bulk of my cupcake rug from Attic 24 blog, with the borders to start now. No resolutions for the year, but a few goals. Good idea on the charity shop boxes & I take things periodically too. Take care.

  6. Love the embroidery - will keep visiting to check on progress! :)

  7. Great motto, Julie! and love the box for the charity shop idea too. Your embroidery is looking beautiful...looking forward to seeing your progress on it. Happy 2017!
    Helen xox

  8. Hello Julie, your embroidery is very beautiful. I’ve loved snowdrops since I was a little girl and look forward to seeing them every year. They are provide a little compensation for all the cold grey days.
    The charity box is such a good idea and one I will adopt this year. Thanks for the tip. Happy New Year, Barbara xxx

  9. Love your embroidery and the charity box idea, happy new year xx

  10. I've started an embroidery project too this year. Its part of an embroider-along called 1 Year of Stitches 2017 where you do at least one stitch a day throughout the year. I'll blog about my efforts at the end of the month when I've got something to show for it! xxx


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