Sunday, 27 November 2016

November Scavenger Hunt &..............



Shellac 78rpm records.  One record two sides this particular Album has six records numbered 1-2. 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12.  This is how you listened to the whole Album before LP's.

This little bone china shoe, once belonged to my grandmother.  It is less than two inches wide.

In my hand(s)


This is a picture of the Super Moon from last week.  It was still showing in the morning light

Rule of thirds

The two shops begin with H are below the House where Robert Burns lived in Edinburgh

I use this tool a lot.  My ruler and knitting needle measure

My choice
This is the mechanism from a record player, that plays the records from the Album above

and &

Yesterday 26th November was our son's 34th birthday.   Holidaying somewhere in Mexico with his wife Anneka at the moment.  He was born exactly four weeks before Christmas Eve

Which brings us to..........

...........Its that time of year again, and this year it definitely seems to have come along a lot quicker!

Please say you will.........?  

Join me again in putting twenty-four little Christmas pictures on your blog as if it were an Advent Calendar?

Thursday is 1st December which means we start opening doors on the advent calendar!  

Do any of you remember Advent calendars without chocolate?  I used to love opening each door to see what the little picture that was hidden behind.   Think my favourite pictures were the Angel and the Donkey.
Chocolate Advent calendars were quite expensive in the sixties, that is if they even existed then.

It could be a wintry scene, it could be just a picture of a Christmas card, little video anything leading up to 24th December.  There are lots of Christmas pictures online, or it could be something from YouTube, or just a Christmas picture of your own 

It would be lovely if lots of people could join in or link up........... 
Just leave a comment and I will list you all who are joining in.  


1) You don't have to follow this blog if you would like to join in but would be rather nice if you were a follower.....

2) Put a photo of something christmassy on your blog everyday from 1st to 24th December.  
This can be from the computer, You Tube, or your own personal pictures.

3) Have fun choosing pictures and go and see what others have put on.

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  1. Oh I remember 78 rpm records so well! The photo of the record player mechanism is wonderful; just love old things. I'll have a cheese toastie too!

  2. I love the mechanism in your choice - how fascinating! Lovely selection of photos Julie, really interesting ones too :) Count me in for your Advent 2016 as I will be doing a Chrimbly craft every day and my countdown (what have I let myself in for??!)

  3. I like the mechanism! What a cutie your son was!

  4. I can’t promise to post Christmas pictures everyday (sorry), but I’m sure I will enjoy seeing yours. I do remember the advent calendars without chocolates and dare I say I liked them far better than the ‘modern’ ones. I especially loved the ones with glitter, and my favourite door was always the 24th December because the next day was Christmas.

    Nice to see a picture of the Super Moon, we had thick clouds and didn’t see so much as a peep. Happy belated birthday to your son.

  5. a delightful idea - totally beyond me of course. I can't remember seeing an advent calendar until I was about 12 and then I found the opening of windows absolutely devastating as it ruined the beautiful scene as the windows cluttered it up with their bright images; whilst closed it was blue and full of stars and scattered with lovely sparkly glitter - I am probably the only person in the world who did'n't like windows opened and I went to a lot of trouble to close them again as soon as my brothers had lost interest - I don't remember any chocolate either but maybe the brothers got their first!

  6. Aw, happy birthday to your son, what a wonderful early Christmas present he was. I don't remember ever having an advent calendar with chocolate, we had little windows with Christmas related pictures behind them xx

  7. Love your picture, especially the 'Rule of Thirds'. I also remember Advent calendars with all the glitter opening daily until the 24th Nativity scene. I gave up buying them for the grandsons when they switched to chocolate - too commercial. My parents had a Bush 'radiogram' in 1959 - a beautiful piece of furniture - and it would take up to six 78's at a time or more than one LB and drop them down, one at a time. I too will try and join your Advent calendar. Not done one before as am new to blogging, only done the Photo treasure hunt for a few months but will ask Hawthorn if I get stuck!

  8. Record albums are one thing I did not expect to see back. They are everywhere now.

  9. Hi Julie,
    I'd love to join in with the Advent calendar.
    Thank you for organising. Such a great idea
    Jacquie x
    p.s. I already follow you :0)

  10. Happy Christmas hunting and sharing for advent!


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