Friday, 28 October 2016

October Scavenger Hunt

A is for....... Advent.  

The twenty four books I have wrapped for my grandchildren's Advent box

Cottage Pie I made for lunch in one of my vintage saucepans

11 O'Clock

The clock that hangs in my kitchen

Nearly eleven o'clock, said Pooh happily "You're just in time for a little smackerel of something", and he put his head into the cupboard.

.... a posh Smart TV and I still prefer to watch the old Black and White films.  Back in February I did a post on Talking Pictures.  Great to snuggle down on a winters afternoon with knitting or crochet and a cuppa

The weather vein on the West Somerset Railway.  
I also did a post on "looking up!" and here

T is for.......
Fly that decided my tea was a place to do the breaststroke!

The Landscape view from the Paignton to Dartmouth train

Two of my beautiful grandchildren

This is the sister of the children in the above picture enjoying an upside down swing with her daddy

A vintage bag I have just restored by stitching all the loose beads back

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  1. I love the Pooh quote around the clock. I put my head upside down to read it and then realised that you had written it under the photo!!! x

  2. I agree with Simone, the Pooh clock is wonderful. Some great 'thinking outside the box photos' eg Advent! Favourite is the 11 o'clock Pooh one! Thanks for making me smile.

  3. Lovely photos. I have a small collection of vintage bags too!

  4. The Pooh clock is gorgeous. I am a great AA Milne fan and love the way that quote goes on..... "And then we'll go out, Piglet, and
    sing my song to Eeyore." The song is one of my favourite of the 'Hums of Pooh'....The Tiddly Pom Song. Thanks for the memories. Glad too to see that your grandchildren are learning about Advent and that December is not just about Christmas presents.

  5. Great photographs. I especially love the clock. Winnie the Pooh was always a favourite when I was young. And the photographs of your grandchildren are delightful. X

  6. Oh what lovely photos and words - nice one Julie :) my favourite is definitely your clock we still have elevenses courtesy of Pooh bear :) thank you for joining in x

  7. I adore the grandchild being held upside down! Such movement, vivacity and fun in that picture! Brilliant! Your clock is really attractive!

  8. The books are such a good idea for advent, beautiful grandchildren xx

  9. Wow, what a great lot! Now you've definitely thought outside the box with both swing and two. I'm not allowed to put my family on, but can think of some great photos of them for bits with these photo hunts. I also think your black & white is so clever. Thanks for being part of this. Take care.

  10. Love the Pooh clock. Great choice of pics for this montb.

  11. Great pictures Julie! Love the grandchildren, the little advent parcels, the yummy shepherd's pie and your mended beaded bag :)
    Happy November,keeping cosy and enjoying lots of crafting and movie watching!
    Helen xox


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