Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hunt the Pic - Linking with Mum's Simply Living

I promised to to this ages ago, and I always keep my promises even if they take slightly longer than they should, so please forgive me "mum's".  September flew by and combined with a family problem I am very behind on manythings
There were twenty words, but I have combined some of the words to one picture.

Dream, Glance
Daydreaming, and glancing upwards to see what is there

Possession, Time
This watch once belonged to my grandfather, it was presented to him for fifty years service with the same company by HRH Princess Margaret

Wonder, Thought
Wondering and thinking what I will make with these balls of yarn

Source, Beauty, Sight
The sea.........

In the wink of an eye they grow......

Comfort, Weakness 
My weakness for comfort food, especially on chilly winter days

Spectacle, Elegance, Grace


Arrangement,  Smell
The smell of this arrangement was glorious

Happiness, Passion
To be able to teach and pass on skills to a younger generation.  
Thirteen year old Savannah made these felt flowers from the original vintage patterns


  1. A lovely collection to interpret Mum's words, I really enjoyed doing it and looking at everyone's pictures.

    The watch and felt flowers are particularly beautiful in their own way.

  2. Sorry to hear you've had a family problem. I hope it isn't anything too serious. Lovely photos. What is in the comfort food? It looks yummy! Savannah has done a great job on replicating the felt flowers. A crafter in the making! x

  3. Lovely collection of pictures, I was just putting a whole load of little wool balls into a bag yesterday and wondering what I could make to use them up.
    Hope the family problem is resolved and Oct is a better month for you.

  4. Great photographs. My favourite one is the trees. I hope the family problem isn't anything too serious. X

  5. I love all the photos and the words that go with them. The balls of wool are so colourful and I can almost smell the flowers from here. Lovely post.

  6. Lovely photos and accompanying words Julie. Hope the problems soon pass and you have a happy October.
    Helen xox

  7. I love all the pictures and thank you so much for joining in. Family comes first and quite rightly so. Take care.


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