Friday, 15 July 2016

Bloomin' Seagulls

No one ever believes me this happens........... seagulls sitting on the bird feeder. I wouldn't mind but I took the trouble to grind down the peanuts this morning so the other birds could get a look in........ This seagull physically pushed a pigeon out of the way

A fellow blogger has the similar trouble from seagulls


  1. We have just greedy pigeons they eat all the food, we are trying to pigeon proof our feeder, we can't afford their huge appetite

  2. I just hate seagulls ....scavengers!! You don't get the seagull problem here but I remember in Paignton where my mother lived there was a time where they were attacking little children to steal food from their hands! Nasty creatures!!!


    Amanda x

  3. Hi Julie, no probs mentioning my seagulls.
    The cd discs deterred them for a while but they soon realised that they were no threat and flew down in between them. They are so clever.
    I haven't fed them any more and they are visiting less frequently now so lets hope they are gone for good soon.
    The next door house is being renovated and when they take the scaffolding down I don't think they would be pleased with seagull poo all over the newly painted wall. Not the best thing if you want to get on with new neighbours. lol

  4. Nooooo!!! I had a blog friend who was eating a Cornish pasty in er-Cornwall and her boyfriend was taking a picture of her when a seagull swooped down and attacked her Cornish pasty! They are ruthless! It was a great photo though!

  5. They will eat anything, no matter who it really belongs to!

  6. We're inland but still have seagulls making a noise and flying overhead, but at least they haven't invaded our bird-table...yet! xxx

  7. Seagull are one of the most aggressive birds and don't play well with others. Not my favorites. Lovely shot, though :-)

  8. I live in Torbay and it's not the gulls fault that they turn 'nasty', they are simply opportunists and if people will leave their waste food around, in takeaway cartons and so forth (the human being is often a lazy, slobby thing) then the gulls will soon learn they don't need to go fishing for food, they're a very good takeaway just around the corner. Our little grandson had his ice cream stolen by such a gull a few weeks ago, but really, the seaside the gulls go together. If we didn't feed them - I've seen daft holidaymakers doing this - or leave waste food around, they'd stop their scavenging.
    Once, I left the back door open and a cheeky gull walked into the kitchen, and before I knew it, he'd gone through the hall and into the shower room. It's a very small room and had he started to flap about he'd have caused a lot of damage, both to our property and to himself, so I just shut all the doors carefully and eventually he wandered off out again and flew off. I don't love them but I don't hate them, either.
    Margaret P


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