Friday, 29 April 2016

April Scavenger Hunt

I thought I would join in a scavenger hunt.  As I have never done one before, I thought it might be fun, and also gave me a chance to look at different things in different ways.

My Orange handled scissors.  
They ask can we borrow your scissor, the reply what do you want to cut?  
Show me..........

The Feather I saw caught in a cobweb

Fresh fruit for my breakfast

Looking out from Castle Drogo one cold March day four years ago

The sea where I live

Daffodils I designed and  craft(ed)

New growth Growing on Silver Jubilee Rose our friends bought four our Silver Wedding in 2005

The Memory 
of the lovely day out the other week with our grandchildren

One day these will be 

Own Choice
The letter box tucked away in a wall.


  1. What lovely pictures. I never even thought of orange scissors!! I love your daffodils.

  2. Such a lovely selection :) and a photo of something I love - a post box, I do love the old ones tucked away and hidden. Thank you for joining in - lovely lovely photos :)

  3. Hi! Yay for scavenging!!! I've got to finish mine!!! Love your Daffodils-you are clever!!!! The scissors collection is great too!!!x

  4. Many congratulations for completing the challenge, you have a wonderful 'take' on some of the categories.

  5. Great and I'm just loving how everyone is doing with this. I can relate to the scissor 'thing' as mine always knew which were paper and which were fabric. Take care.

  6. I too am very protective of my scissors! Lovely photos.

  7. Lovely collection of images, Julie. I have orange handled scissors too for fabric cutting and have tied a bit of ribbon on the handle as a reminder just in case anyone mistakenly tries to use them for anything else!!
    Love the photo of the letter box tucked into the wall, I always enjoy spotting them on country walks.
    Helen xox

  8. Great scavenger hunt. I like the red post box tucked away! x

  9. Why didn't I think of my orange scissors? Love your photos and words; so refreshing to see how everyone interprets each word.

  10. I am glad it is not just me that has that scissor conversation! Love your take on the categories!

  11. A lovely selection of photographs. The post box tucked away is just charming. X

  12. A great collection, I have the same scissors and they cut everything!

  13. A great selection of lovely pictures.

  14. A great challenge. I like the photo with the grands.


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