Saturday, 2 April 2016

Look Up!

The other day I saw a group of teenagers all were on mobile phones.  They were laughing, I'm not sure if they were laughing with each other or what they were seeing on their mobiles.  I suppose they could have been chatting and laughing with each other in code............  From the angle I was seeing them, one of them looked as if they didn't have a head.  Doesn't anyone notice their surroundings anymore?

You can see unusual skies

You can see things flying in the skies.  Years ago before the days of blogging I was waiting for my son to come out of school I heard a drone, I looked up and saw the Battle of Britain flight returning from somewhere, it was just the Spitfire and the Hurricane then.  

You can see different beautiful historical architecture.

You can see beautiful murals painted high up on walls

You can see funny things too like this tree.
No.....they are not birds in that tree, they are pairs of trainers!

or this pair of seagulls waiting to travel to another destination.

But do check out at your feet too, you don't know what you might see!
Please though, take in your surroundings rather than just looking down at your mobile phones


  1. I couldn't agree more, it seems the more technology we have the less we interact with the real world which is an awful shame as you can miss so much! xx

  2. I love to look up, where ever we go I love the tops of buildings so very interesting.

  3. Agreed! I love old architecture but to fully appreciate you definitely have to look up!

  4. A lack of awareness of surroundings is true for many people. I often look toward the sky for inspiration! That little hedgehog is so sweet. Was it in your garden? x

  5. I saw a young man nearly get ran over last week with his headphones in and head down playing with his phone, he just walked out into the road!!!

  6. Aaaaa, Julie this is so true! I adore all you saw! I feel sad for many young people who miss so much!x

  7. I'm another one who loves to look up too. You can find the most plainest and unattractive of shop fronts, then look up and see a beautiful original building. Then it makes me sad thinking how wonderful the period shop front must have been xxx

  8. A lovely post Julie with some beautiful photo's. I for one always take in my surroundings and appreciate what there is around me, dee xx

  9. How right you are! At home, I’m constantly checking my emails and spending far too much time online – but once I’m out of the door I never look at my phone. My husband would rather walk around looking at Facebook than look at what is going on around him. I am forever telling him to look at something or other, but by the time he tears his eyes away from the screen it’s too late. I end up telling him about the beautiful bird that just flew over or the butterfly that was sitting on a flower. It’s very sad.


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