Thursday, 4 February 2016

Talking Pictures!

Has anyone else heard of  Talking Pictures TV
Who doesn't like sitting in the warm with crochet or knitting or even embroidery on cold wet winter afternoons and watching a good film!
Its a whole channel of reasonable length movies from before Star Wars, and Indiana Jones and even James Bond.  Most of them, nearly all of them are in black and white, one I've seen dating from 1929 to the 80's.  We tend to watch the thirties to the early sixties films. 

There are comedies like one of my favourite films the Iron Maiden.

Mr Pastry films.  Yes I'm old enough to know who he was!

Serious classic films like Brighton Rock

and Dr Crippin

Rare amazing colour film of 1939 set in Dartmouth Devon (UK)  The only film made in Dufaycolor.  It made the film look like vintage colour postcards.

And lots of compelling films that must have been in the vaults for years.  
Lots of films we have never heard of but enjoyed watching with lots of actors and actresses we knew of but haven't seen for years!


  1. Never heard of it, but will show hubby, that's his sort of thing. Thanks ...

  2. I was absolutely terrified by Mr Pastry!

  3. DO you know, I have not seen ANY of these!!!x

  4. Did'nt know about Talking TV - off to check it out! thanks x

  5. Fascinating...thanks for the tip Julie. Will tell my husband about Talking Pictures TV and we will check it out!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  6. My Mum and Dad watch this channel. I will have to give it a go! I watched a film the other day and saw a very young and attractive Googie Withers! x

  7. Oh yes and hubby watches a few of them if he sees some actor he likes.

  8. Brighton Rock is one of my favourites - and you're right about watching a good film whilst knitting :-D xx

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