Sunday, 14 February 2016

Amaryllis Sunday ~ week six

Nothing much to report............

Speedy has started to go over.

Slow and Steady II standing about ten inches high, has decided to stop growing and I reckon she may show herself by the end of the week.  They say good things come in nice packages........... 

Speedy II I think will be all leaf........

Slow and Steady II not sure what the new tiny growth will be.  A stalk or leaf.........  This one you may remember flowered a second time last July  So we will have to see what happens


  1. You are doing well with your Amaryllis! Mine grew about 4 feet high and I had 3 large buds on it. Saturday morning I woke up to find the potted plant had toppled from the mantel piece. 2 buds were knocked off and the stem had broke so no flowers for me! I will have to cut it down and hope a new flower stalk grows. x

  2. Sorry to see speedy go, but the anticipation of the others!

  3. Lovely to keep observing these beautiful plants growing and how you named them Julie :) (I name things too!)
    Have a good week.
    Helen xox

  4. Spring is definitely coming!

  5. Lovely to see how your amaryllis are growing.

  6. Mother nature is so wonderful, shame the flowers don't last a bit longer

  7. Wow, Speedy looks impressive - the perfect introduction to spring coming soon I hope. I just can't wait for spring to roll round this year xxx

  8. They all look really healthy - can't wait to see what develops. Great idea for a series of blog posts, if only I had one growing I would do the same! :)

  9. Bet they are huge now :-) dee xx


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