Monday, 8 February 2016

Amaryllis Sunday on Monday..................

Oh where has Speedy gone?  Its OK Speedy is fine, just had to be found a new safer home.  Slow and Steady is doing well, and still nurturing another stalk.

picture taken 4th February
Speedy now lives in the fire surround with the ones that I rescued from the garden, and now stands 26" high between top of the bulb and the bottom of the flowers and needs a supporting stick, even with a supporting stick it grew too big for the corner of the window sill and it looked like it may have fallen and really we did not want it to come crashing down onto the computer!

Since last Thursday Speedy has sprouted another flower and now looks like a tannoy!  We are somehow expecting voices from it!

The rescued ones are doing the same.  The one on the right sprouted first, and the one on the left was about a week behind, now look!  But it does look they are both just producing leaves, so I may remove them from there as I think it is too warm for them.


  1. That's a lovely amaryllis ... mine flowered a couple of weeks' ago and is now well and truly 'over'.
    Margaret P

  2. Love your white flowers, my amaryllis has now gone over, shame they are stunning.

  3. Speedy is absolutely beautiful.

  4. Speedy is wonderful!!! He makes q great speaker!!!!x

  5. Speedy is beautiful and eNORmous!! Love the idea of voices emanating from him :D

  6. Loving speedy what a gorgeous flower :-) dee xx

  7. That is one tall amaryllis and the creamy white is gorgeous.

  8. Absolutely stunning! I sometimes see them for sale but have never tried growing one - I just might now.


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