Friday, 1 January 2016

Begin Afresh!

Saw this a few years ago on a blog and decided this was for me!

A brand New Year.  A brand new page.  Now this may seem strange.......but I don't actually start my new year on 1st of January, I start mine a couple of days after Christmas!  We don't do the new year thing anymore, so really I have started my new year resolutions which I don't really make just like a good friend of mine.  

My friend Jackie wrote a great post on her blog the other day and I will be taking a leaf out of her book to do thing now.  One of the decisions I have made is an extra box!  

Our council gave us recycling bins a few years ago, a large black wheelie bin for general rubbish, a brown bin for food waste, and two large square bins for recycling card, paper, plastic milk bottles, aluminium and a few other bits.  To these bins I have decided to add another bin, this will be for giving to the charity shop.  But because the bin is clear I think will have to bag things in carrier bags otherwise I may decide to retrieve bits to begin with but I'm sure as days go on the retrieving will stop and I will be able to just put things in the charity bin happily ready to take into town when full.

I don't make lists, if I do I find I don't finish what is on the list then feel very despondent.  Then I say I don't make a list, I make a shopping list - always, and  I make a list if I need to take certain things to people I make sure I have everything that goes with the main item, like when I went to dad's for Christmas I listed, meat, potatoes vegetables and the little things that get forgotten like cranberry sauce and the suchlike.  

I wonder what 2016 will bring.....................?
Like I always say we will have to wait and see, but I really don't want is the year to go too fast otherwise I will be asking for it to pause awhile.......

ALSO I would like to welcome my new follower for the New Year


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours Julie, like you I hope this one goes somewhat slower than the last. X

  2. Hi Julie, wishing you a lovely New Year 2016 with lots of lovely vintage & creativity xx Karen

  3. Happy New Year Julie!! I also don't want my year to go too fast-hard as a teacher as I'm always longing for the next holiday!!! I'm also not good at lists!! Let's just enjoy the new year!!x

    1. I've never been good at lists, and it just another piece of paper in the recycling bin! One day at a time!

  4. Happy New Year Julie. I agree that it'd be nice if this year went a little slower.

  5. Happy New Year, I would like 2016 to slow down a little, I need to catch up. Last year just seemed to be chasing my tail with very little success!! x

  6. Wishing you a Happy New Year Julie, I hope you have lots of fun and happy times and plenty of crafting ones too.

  7. Happy New Year Julie! I hope it pans out just the way you wish. x

  8. I don't make any resolutions, I don't think many people keep them do they?
    I just want to take each day and make the most of it, then go to bed and be thankful that I've enjoyed another day.
    Keep crafting Julie its good for us all, and we wish you a healthy and contented 2016

  9. Happy New Year!

    I am a listaholic! Once I cross out about half on a list, I start a new one with the undone things plus more new ones... actually I really need a master list to keep track of all my themed lists!

  10. I am not good at making lists and I don't really bother with New Year resolutions not firm ones anyhow!! I have passing thoughts of perhaps I should do this or that and sometimes one of those thoughts seem to hit a bell and I do it .
    Happy New year :-)
    Amanda x


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