Sunday, 31 January 2016

Amaryllis Sunday ~ Week 5

And the saga of Slow and Steady and Speedy continues.................

Slow and Steady nurturing another stalk

Speedy growing fast............

.......and Speedy's petals are getting ready to show themselves

Even the two that were bought in from the cold, wind and rain are ready to say hello.  The one on the left is a gift from Christmas 2014, and also flowered last July too, from my lovely friend Jane, as is Slow and Steady is her gift from Christmas 2015.  Slow and Steady has a lot to live up to!  Two flowerings in one year! The one on the right I purchased 2012.


  1. Gosh ... hasn't Mr Fast put on a spurt this week

  2. Will Slow and Steady win the race, though?

  3. Wow - hasn't that one shot on ahead! it does mean your flower display will be staggered giving you a longer show :)

  4. The amaryllis I was given at Christmas has grown, opened, flowered and is just about over!
    Margaret P

  5. I can't believe how big Speedy is! The other one is plodding on nicely though!x

  6. I had a slow that turned into a speedy! It looks a lot like your speedy above with one long stem and I believe mine is called Matterhorn and will be white! x


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