Monday, 23 November 2015

Who would like to join in...........

...........Its that time of year again, and this year it seems to have come along a lot quicker!

Please say you will.........?  

Join me again in putting twenty-four little Christmas pictures on your blog as if it were an Advent Calendar?

Next Tuesday is 1st December which means we start opening doors on the advent calendar!  

Do any of you remember Advent calenders without chocolate?  I used to love opening each door to see what the little picture that was hidden behind.   Think my favourite pictures were the Angel and the Donkey.
Chocolate Advent calenders were quite expensive in the sixties, that is if they even existed then.

It could be a wintry scene, it could be just a picture of a Christmas card, anything leading up to 24th December.  There are lots of Christmas pictures online, or it could be something from YouTube, or just a Christmas picture of your own 

It would be lovely if lots of people can join in........... 
Just leave a comment and I will list you all who are joining in.  If you are unable to leave a comment email me (caisey (at)  


1) You don't have to follow this blog if you would like to join in but would be rather nice if you were.....

2) Put a photo of something christmassy on your blog everyday from 1st to 24th December.  
This can be from the computer, You Tube, or your own personal pictures.

3) Have fun choosing pictures and go and see what others have put


  1. me, me , me. Yes please, this will be just the thing to ease me back into blogging properly, after a few months of "no mojo".

  2. Hi Julie!! I've always read yours but never joined in so, yes, I would like to join in. Could I draw and make things or tell a story for mine?x

    1. Thank you for joining in, looking forward to seeing your drawings and writings
      Julie x

  3. I am so unprepared for Christmas!!! I don't think I will be able to commit to this Julie but I will pop in to 'open' the calendar of those joining in. x

  4. Count me in please Julie, our tree has gone up today so feeling very Christmassy X

  5. I was going to do this before I found out about you and this link so an extra reason to join in

  6. My first post is ready and scheduled to go live tomorrow morning - I have linked to your site! It was great fun last year :)

  7. Hi Julie, I'm joining in with you this year. Here's the link to my first post -

  8. Hi Julie I will be joining in with the advent calendar, my blog is From My View and can be found here:


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