Saturday, 28 November 2015

Proof Reading

My husband has been accused of being part of the "grammar police", as whenever we see spelling that isn't correct, I'm the worst at that!  Apostrophe's and Commas in the wrong place, something that doesn't read right because it has two meanings if the full-stop or comma is in the wrong place, or when the correct word is there but the wrong spelling (i.e. waste or waist, or, to or too) etc. etc.

We sometimes sit and correct a menu from one of the local take-away's which is regularly put though the letter-box whilst having a cuppa!  

Case of not proof reading properly 1935 - I wonder how many people noticed (not noticed) at the time? Not the editor obviously!

The word is BALLOONS


  1. I know what you mean, we often notice errors in grammar, not that I'm an expert but I do like to see things well written. I often have to proof read for my job, so it becomes a habit!
    Can't make out the word, but is it back to front?

    1. I cannot make out the word as well! Please fill us in :)

  2. We had handed to us at work, a brochure for the latest little café to open. As I started to read I mentally marked off the errors and in the end I was so irked by the number of them, I went off, found myself a red pen and circled them all. All 54 errors in one little A4 page folded into three. My colleagues initially thought I was being pedantic then when I showed them, most of them could not see the errors whereas only two others did..... Not an outstanding day for the English language.....

  3. I am bad at correcting too, I always text to my family in longhand, inlcuding all punctuation, just cant do it any other way

  4. Many many years ago the library I worked in sent me on a City and Guilds Library assistants course. It turned out it was the first course of the sort to be run and they didn't really know what to do with us as we were all library assistants and already knew a lot about the job. Anyway we ended up doing speed reading and a proof reading course. So now when I read anything I end up automatically proof reading. There is one blog I enjoy reading but every "their" is spelled "there" and it drives me NUTS!

    I hope all this comment is correctly written and punctuated!


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