Wednesday, 4 November 2015


No matter how many times I try, for some reason I cannot leave comments on blogs, and I'm sure it is the same for people leaving comments on mine too, and I cannot even leave comments on mine!
This seems to be happening more and more and the list is getting longer and longer, some blogs I could leave comments last week I cannot this week, and not being very tekkie I don't know how to solve the problem.  I think perhaps now after emailing a friend a thought occurred, this problem may have something to with Windows10 which is what we are on now.  Is anyone else on Widows10 having this problem?  If you cannot leave a comment please email me, at least I know I will have readers.  I read everyone's blogs on my list and others too,  this problem has been going on a while.  I have gone the help box, but it was no help because I didn't understand what was written.

I cannot believe there only about eight weeks to Christmas. I was going to make and do so much instead of buying! I have run out of time!  

The Daffodils I was going to make may get finished but that has seemed to have come to a stop! I was going to knit fingerless mittens too, I have had the yarn for these since February, still in the packaging it was sent in!

Still working on the Union Jack Quilt, nearly finished and will be blogged about very soon, watch this space.

I did finish.......

We had a lovely day with them last Saturday.


  1. Hi Julie, Sorry you're having such problems. I can comment from my ho,e laptop which has Windows 10. I think what you problem may be is the cookie settings, because I had that for a while. You need to go into the web browser you use, usually through options, etc and allow cookies...I know my instructions are vague to say the least...but I can't quite remember how it worked!

  2. Gorgeous knits! I haven't had any problems leaving comments unless there isn't a facility for leaving comments on a blog. I wouldn't think that windows 10 would have any effect on leaving comments though. When you say you can't leave comments - what happens? x

  3. I have Windows 10 and not getting any problems. I love the Aron cardi's, I would knit one for each daughter every year when they were young, such happy memories.

  4. Cute cardies, cute kids! I only have trouble leaving comments on Wordpress blogs.

  5. They look like a perfect pair of tearaways! Lovely cardies they're in :) I had problems a year or two ago with comments, it seemed to sort itself out once I'd gone into the settings and just read through them again and updated anything that I felt needed changing - then voilĂ  it seemed to help x

  6. What a pair of cuties! Must be frustrating, message-wise. I'm on windows 10 and no problems so far.

  7. Gorgeous hand knits, they look real pleased with them.
    I cant comment on wordpress blogs, no idea why. But, blogger does seem to be taking an age to load blogs this past week.

  8. HI Julie
    love the little cardi's, reminds me of when I used to make things like that for my 3.
    Windows ten seemed better to me when I first downloaded it but I am wondering now as sometimes it seems to play up. Am writing this as a try out, hope you get it.

  9. I have had a few problems too , so do hope you get this. Love the seagulls,and don't those 2 young ones look warm and snuggly in their cardis. Hope you can send your comments and receive again soon.

  10. Hope you can sort out the problem Julie...I have had difficulties leaving a comment on one blog, but yours seems to be ok! Love those little cardies! Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  11. Sorry to hear about the techie probs, Julie. By the way, I'm on Windows and it all seems to be working okay for me - fingers crossed!
    Those two seem very happy with their cosy knits :-D xxx

  12. I'm not having any problems leaving comments but I've not changed to windows10. I have a little pop up thing that keeps telling me to update and I keep telling it to go away! I was going to do so much too but our family are arriving in under 3 weeks so I don't think much more will get done. Never mind I'm sure we will all muck in and have fun. Barbara


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