Monday, 7 September 2015

The garden again..........

A couple of weeks ago our old lawn mower gave up never to go again, halfway through cutting the back lawn too, so a trip to local Argos for a new one!

After bringing it home, and putting it together.....

It took all of thirty minutes after I sorted which way the washers and the wire connector went!

Smart new mower and lots of long wet grass!  It had rained and the grass was quite deep since the old mower stopped working!  When I hung the washing out I couldn't see my feet for the long grass, and the birds that landed in the garden you only see there heads and tails bobbing along.  I noticed on the box for small to medium gardens.  How big is a medium garden..........

Well it survived cutting two lawns!

Shortly after this picture of this pretty Dahlia was taken it completely disappeared on the only the petals left on the ground.  After watching Gardener's World with Monty Don on Friday, apparently there is something that eats Dahlias, need to watch again to catch what it was!  I know there is a leaf cutter caterpillar eating my rose leaves I have seen it!

My Alpines

Flowers in my garden this week

This caterpillar had landed on me from out of no-where!  I brushed off took its photograph and it wriggled off!


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  1. I have had loads of caterpillars this year, my wiggly tree ( contorted hazel) was covered and I had to cut some off to get rid of them. Gill

  2. Lawnmowers were busy locally here yesterday with the sun shining after a few days rain. May you and your new machine have plenty of gardening adventures .... not so sure about the green grub though ....

  3. We had to replace our lawn mower this year too! That caterpillar is such a lovely shade of green! x

  4. Our lawn has not been as luxuriant this year - good thing really as our lawnmower must be near to retirement!

  5. I do wish someone sold lawn mowers already built - open the box - up pops the handle, and away you go. Maybe I should invent one!!
    Do you think the caterpillar could be eating your Dahlias? I've found loads of them on my dahlias, but they seem to prefer leaves to flowers. I’ve also found some little black beetles on mine and white grubs that seem to live in the soil. The Dahlias look beautiful, but the leaves are half eaten away.

  6. Glad you were able to finish cutting your lawn what a pain the other one died but nice to have a new one :-) Your flowers look gorgeous especially your Dahlia even though it didn't last for long. Enjoy your week, dee xx

  7. Hopefully grass cutting duties should start to be less often with Autumn here xx

  8. The garden looks lovely AND you have a new toy.

  9. Your garden (and your blog!) are looking beautiful Julie! x
    Susan x

  10. Your garden looks so pretty....lovely flowers, and great to have a nice new lawn mower. Even the caterpillar looks quite pretty in that lovely shade of green!
    Helen xox


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