Tuesday, 29 September 2015

I might as well just give up now............

How is everybody?  

At the moment I am just feeling sorry for myself, feeling a bit fed-up, but at least I have got back into crafting and knitting now.  I stopped for a reason I don't want to go into here.  Didn't really feel like blogging either.

On my needles apart from the aran cardigans for the grandchildren.  I am knitting a 1934 dog coat for one of my friend's dogs, if it fits she'll want another six!  (She has seven dogs)  I will show all when finished.

I am making some daffodils mostly for Christmas pressies, 

and making some sculptured brooches.  

The reason for the fed-up-ness is because I know the world is a big competition and lots of people are selling too.  But I have two things on Ebay on a buy now is nearly coming to the end of thirty days.  I have been trying to sell some Christmas items for the last three years, and whenever we do a boot fair people want things for nothing!  I may as well just give the things to charity shop at least they will benefit!

but saying that I have recently sold lots of Cyril the Seagull patterns - Knitting Today magazine, but that will end soon when the next knitting magazine comes out.  

I give away more of my crafts than sell!  Don't get me wrong I don't mind giving my stuff away, but occasionally I would like to sell something!

Thank you for reading my moans and groans, but my real gripe is, and has anybody else having this problem?  I CANNOT leave comments on some of the blogs I love to read.  If there is an email I will email the owner of the blog, but if not I cannot get in touch, so please don't think me rude if I normally leave you a comment and  now all of a sudden don't.  I an not computer savvy enough to sort it, so any advice would be helpful..........

Just edited this post
Just discovered I cannot leave replies on my blog for the no-reply bloggers either



  1. Oh, I know how you feel. I am selling things for less and less ... everyone seems to want something for nothing.
    I also have a problem replying to people's comments (often their email address is no-reply/comments ... .com) It is so frustrating and I don't want people to think I am just too rude to reply to their comment.
    M x

  2. well this coincides with how I feel today...which is feeling totally fedup!!! I so understand how you feel ...a little appreciate is so motivating!! Although creativity and art is priceless I do feel it is nice when you sell something or get paid for ones work or craft. It is like recognition for your effort. In my case at present it is my work which I slave at literally to make it good and well done and I get paid a pittance. I am sorry I can't help you with the comments problem . I think you should go over your settings in the design page of your blog there maybe something there you have ticked in error.
    keep well

    Amanda xx

  3. Your not alone... we have to sell toys to cover pitch costs at our markets as crafts struggle but making keeps me sane so that's priceless! Sorry, I'm hopeless on the technical front, can't even work out how to follow when there's no 'join this site' button. As Cyril was a hit, how about designing more birds? Budgie? Blue Tit? I reckon they would sell. Good luck.xx

  4. I do think there is a general air of discontent at the moment - possibly seasonal as we didn't really have a decent summer and now it is suddenly autumn and as you know coming up to chrimbly time. I know where you are coming from with people and hand crafted items. Most non crafters have no idea how much time and effort is needed to create something when they are so used to with a click of a button purchase a cheaper version off the internet posted from a foreign country. We held two yarn festivals a few years ago and although we had a lot of visitors they fell in to two groups - those who were crafty and knew what was involved with the items on sale and would pick it up and with a knowing look say 'I can make this' and put it down and walk away and the non-crafty who would pick it up saying 'I like this...HOW MUCH??? I can get it much cheaper off the internet' put it down and walk away.... it was very dishearting.
    Sorry - not sure why you cannot comment on blogs - is the option to do so just not there? or once you have posted and submitted nothing happens?

  5. So sorry that you are feeling low Julie. Many of us are discontent at the moment as is suggested above. I am thinking about opening my etsy shop again and then wonder if it is worth the heartache having rejection!!! I need to get some sort of income and cannot live off just fresh air alone! As you have done well in selling your patterns, why not concentrate on offering downloads to people that want patterns and just do your other craft stuff as a hobby! ? Take care. I hope that you sort something out. x

  6. I know how you feel, I give away loads of my stitching, I stitch too much to keep everything. I would love to sell craft, but no one wants to pay a reasonable price, it's not cost effective

  7. Obviously there is something in the air, today has been a no day for me, I shall be glad to go to bed and start a new day tomorrow. I think we all get like it from time to time and as for selling crafts, I gave up years ago, as you say people want something for nothing and don't appreciate the time things take to make.
    Chin up Julie, the daff and brooch are lovely.

  8. You're having a bad day. I'm sending you a virtual slice of chocolate cake, some of my favorite ginger-lemon tea and a big hug.

  9. Sorry to read that things are getting you down, Julie. But that's great about getting your seagull pattern in the magazine - and a national one at that too! Hope things start to go onwards and upwards for you soon xxx

  10. Sorry you have been feeling blue Julie, I think with so many people making and selling now it can make things a little disheartening. Your Cyril pattern sounds like it has been a big success maybe this could be a new direction for you and you could design some new patterns especially digital downloads X

  11. You are not alone...so many people feeling up and down at this time of year. Re the crafting , it seems to me unless it is under £4 people just don,t want to buy it, they don't seem to appreciate the time each items takes to make do they? , can. E frustrating have you tried local gift shops..if you sell only to a couple of shops (miles apart) sometimes they are interested. Xxx

  12. Hope you are feeling much brighter real soon Julie.
    Your brooch is lovely, and I'm sure your daffodils will be well received Christmas gifts.
    I know a few who are disheartened with selling crafted items recently...


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